MLK Assassination/ Ancient Aliens & Hybrids

MLK Assassination/ Ancient Aliens & Hybrids


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLarry Hancock, Stuart Wexler, Bruce Fenton

In the first half, investigative researchers Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock made the case that behind Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination was a long-simmering conspiracy orchestrated by racist terrorists. The original FBI investigation and the later House Select Committee investigation "turned up some fascinating leads and suspects that could be taken a lot further," said Hancock, and "we were...amazed that their investigation hadn't gone nearly as far as it should have." James Earl Ray may have pursued a bounty offer he heard about when he was in prison but certainly was not the mastermind behind the assassination, they indicated.

While at first, the FBI suspected a conspiracy, because of the mass riots taking place after King's death, they likely felt pressure to "close down open questions and give a nice well-packaged answer" in order to pacify the country, Wexler explained. According to their research, a network of racist militants led by Sam Bowers, head of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi (the group that was responsible for the Mississippi Burning murders) sought to kill King, and they were the ones who had put out a bounty on him. As a provocative act of violence to advance a political cause, King's assassination can be likened to the acts of terrorism and religious radicalism we've seen in recent years, the two researchers concurred.


In the latter half, scholar of ancient cultures, Bruce Fenton, detailed evidence which he believes shows that ancient aliens visited this world almost 800,000 years ago, creating a race of hybrids by genetically altering primitive hominids. Around this time, a spaceship of 50,000 Pleiadian colonists was "crystallized" by an attacking group of Reptilians living underground, he suggested, and the remnants of the liquefied ship rained down on Earth in the form of anomalous spheres, which have been discovered in South Australia.

After visiting a Stargate site in South America, Fenton's wife Daniella, a shaman and psychic medium, started having strange contact experiences in which she saw 7-ft. tall bluish aliens and hybrids, as well as ancient Mayans, he recounted. Eventually, she found herself inhabiting the body of a woman living in 7th century Palenque, in which alien-human hybrids were the rulers of the Mayan society. Fenton also talked about how the Pleiadian forces on Earth are currently pushing back against the demonic Draco (Reptilian) types. The beneficent "Pleiadian Alliance Control," he added, "is an alliance of many, many beings all coming through a wormhole in the Pleiadian star cluster."

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