Transhumanism & Giants/ Precognitive Cancer Dreams

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Transhumanism & Giants/ Precognitive Cancer Dreams

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his new bombshell book Terminated (view cover image) which deals with robotics in ancient history, accessing genetic memory from samples of ancient DNA, and demonic entities that inhabit DNA. The goal of transhumanism, Quayle suggested, is to build a better human being without any constraints, and he believes this could ultimately destroy humanity as we know it. The development of super-soldiers may already be happening-- last week, Syria's ambassador described the fighting and killing of American super-soldiers said to be over 8' 1" ft. in height, he reported.

"My contention," he said, "is that those creating these things in the lab have viable extracted DNA from the biblical giants, and that's what we're seeing." The spirits of giants or fallen angels may possess mechanical or AI entities, he continued, citing the ancient example of the Colossus of Rhodes. According to Quayle, giant cannibalistic beings that will be regenerated or brought out of suspended animation can only be killed by solid copper bullets or smoke grenades.


Larry Burk, M.D. specializes in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnosis, and dreamwork. Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos has spent years studying and teaching about dreams. A three-time breast cancer survivor whose premonitory dreams diagnosed her cancer, she credits her survival to conventional treatment combined with her dreams as a diagnostic tool. In the latter half, they discussed Burk's study published in a medical journal connecting accurate precognitive dreams with the diagnosis of various cancers. In O'Keefe-Kanavos' case, a hooded monk appeared in a dream, emphatically telling her that only by undergoing exploratory surgery would her cancer be revealed. This turned out to be correct, and subsequently, the monk and additional figures appeared as spirit guides for her, offering further helpful health advice.

Burk outlined several possibilities for the precognitive warning dreams. One is that the person is in denial about health symptoms they're already experiencing; another is that while no signs are present, neurotransmitters could be sending signals to the brain that something is amiss; a third explanation posits an intuitive process outside current scientific understanding. He suggested paying closer attention to one's dreams and keeping a dream diary ( is an online resource he recommends for sharing your dreams). A caller named Sharon reported a set of repetitive dreams that ended up saving her from cancer. In the dreams, she visited an art school to request a plaster cast of her leg for an upcoming prosthesis. Though there was nothing wrong with her leg, she did spot a very tiny mole on it. After much difficulty, she convinced her dermatologist to remove it, and it was found to be a highly malignant melanoma.

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