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Multi-Dimensional Contact/ Open Lines

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Author, lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple near-death experiencer and UFO contactee, James Gilliland, joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) in Washington state where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomena. Gilliland recalled that he originally found the ranch property after he experienced a series of visions of the place while teaching healing classes in California. Eventually, "through a sequence of synchronistic events" Gilliland says he ended up at what was to become the ECETI Ranch. The area has long been an apparent nexus of paranormal and UFO events.

Gilliland claims that "two ley lines" cross the property and that this contributes to the extreme number of anomalous lights sighted on the land. He says that he has also seen Bigfoot-type entities on at least four occasions, and giant footprints are regularly observed. Some anomalous hair was found, which Gilliland had analyzed. The strands were three-and-a-half feet long and the study indicated that they were "silicon-based." He also believes that there is a great deal of government or intelligence interest in the ECETI property. He stated that he’s "had people here that are part of the secret space program and black projects" and that "they sometimes spill the beans" about secret programs. He stated that everyone is welcome on the property and that "people need to come up to the ranch and have their own experience."


During Open Lines, Ian called in from New York to relate his out-of-body experience with an apparent alien being. He claimed that he was apparently on some sort of spaceship on the Moon and saw a "little man" in a silvery spacesuit with a silver helmet. He said when the alien being locked eyes with him, he was immediately transported back into his body. Spike in Texas said that when he was young, he was "roughhousing" with other boys and a small metallic ball somehow fell out of his head. At the time, he didn’t know what it was, but now thinks it may have been some sort of alien implant. Patrick called in and said he was practically Gilliland’s neighbor at one point, but did not see anything strange at home. He did however, have a clear sighting of a UFO while piloting a private plane in the area. He had to fly around the shiny object in order to avoid a collision.

Albert from California recounted a creepy story of a visit to a haunted location during a film production. On the anniversary of a murder that he was told had occurred in the building, he heard strange and ominous whispers, which were also recorded on a video he recorded on his phone. Doug from New Jersey recalled a fond memory of hearing Art Bell for the first time during the "Mel’s Hole" shows in 1997. He also told a story of seeing a glowing lure that was used for night fishing leave the water, move onto land, and then float off through the trees "moving like a balloon that got away from a kid." He says it then cleared the trees and floated away.

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