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Health Through Hemp/ Scary Legends

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In the first half, pharmacist, master herbalist, and author Earl Mindell discussed hemp (a type of cannabis plant related to marijuana), and CBD oil, a compound made from hemp that's been effective at treating dozens of disorders. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains only a negligible amount of THC (the substance that makes people high). The US government, which holds the patent for CBD (Cannabidiol) specifically because of its healing abilities, has unfairly classified hemp as a Class 1 drug, he noted, thereby banning people from growing it commercially. However, 30 states have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use, which certainly opens the door for hemp.

Among the many conditions CBD is said to treat are acne, anxiety, arthritis, blood clots, eczema, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, MS, and more. As a remedy, CBD is being prepared in a wide variety of formulations, including infusions into coffee, beer, chocolate bars, and lollipops. It can, he added, also be vaped, placed under the tongue in liquid form, or consumed in capsules. While he didn't claim that the compound could cure people of terminal conditions, Mindell predicted that "CBD will be the biggest supplement of the 21st century."


Author and investigator Jeff Belanger has been fascinated with the supernatural since age ten, and over the years, he's interviewed hundreds of people about their experiences. In the latter half, he shared frightening legends from New England folklore, as well as talked about the content and meaning of people's nightmares. One tale he imparted was that of the Wild Man of Winsted, Connecticut. In August of 1895, there were multiple sightings of a hairy "wild man" running through the rural area. Some claimed he was human; others said he was some kind of primate. Hundreds searched for him, and the creature made headlines across New England before he seemingly vanished, until there were other sightings in a nearby location in the 1970s. Could it be the same creature? Belanger pondered.

He also detailed the legend of the 'Ghost of Elsie' in New Braintree, MA, where her spirit is said to rise from her grave at Evergreen Cemetery and wander by a stone wall every April 18th. Alleged to be the spirit of a bride who was murdered on her wedding day, Belanger uncovered a grave of a girl named Elsie Newton at a neighboring cemetery. This Elsie was killed along with her family by a ranch hand in 1898, and may have been the source of the legend. Nightmares, he pointed out, are some of our most memorable dreams, and they can stem from our subconscious trying to send a message. Yet, when we sleep we are in a vulnerable state, and could be more susceptible to visitations from the deceased and other types of entities, he suggested.

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