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Talking to Animals/ Open Lines

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In the first half of the show, animal and inter-species communicator Amelia Kinkade discussed her work helping people understand the thoughts and emotions of animals using natural psychic abilities available to everyone. According to Kinkade, humans possess the capacity to evolve into sixth sensory beings. "There is something hardwired into every human being that gives us the capacity to telepath to remote view," she said. It is this innate psychic ability that allows communication between animals and humans.

Kinkade described how one must enter a state of prayer and send nothing but unconditional love to the animal, dispatching ego so that the spirit within the person can commune with the spirit of the creature. When this state is achieved energy from the human flows into the body of the animal who's thoughts and feelings can now be accessed by the human. "You're doing the work—you're stepping into their body and accessing their memories, accessing their energy field, running their program as if you were them," she revealed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Julie in Columbus, Ohio, phoned in to tell George that after hearing Thursday night's show with pharmacist Earl Mindell on the healing properties of CBD oil (a compound made from hemp) she decided to try it as a treatment for a symptom related to her bipolar disorder. According to Julie, she placed three drops under her tongue and within 30 minutes the symptom disappeared. "That stuff is magical," she said. Spaceman Tim from Port Orchard, Washington, shared the story about how his younger brother was killed in a hospital while battling several demons. Tim revealed how his family, and especially his brother, has been in a fight against demons for years. "They actually have pictures of [the demons] from the surveillance cameras in the hospital," he said.

Jammer from Nebraska reported on a bizarre incident he got into on a camping trip in Pennsylvania with his stepson. Jammer reported following a trail he had cut along a waterway when he inexplicably found himself entering a unknown forest with large pine trees and three wolves standing guard at the path. "I can't fight three wolves with a four-year-old boy on my shoulders," he recalled about what he was thinking at the time. Jammer said he received a message from the wolves that he was not allowed to pass and should go back, and after turning around and taking only two steps he found himself back on the path he recognized. Jammer disclosed he has never again found the entrance to that forest despite his attempts to locate it.

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