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Supernatural Attacks

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Paranormal expert and researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed frightening nocturnal visits by sinister entities. "It's the bedroom visitation of a very formidable, hostile negative entity that terrorizes people and literally vampirizes their life force," she said, noting the assaults can be psychological, physical, or sexual. These nighttime assailants take on a form commonly associated with Shadow People—solid black human-like figures wearing a coat or cloak, and sometimes a hat, Guiley explained. Though appearing blacker than black they can still be seen in a dark bedroom, she added.

Filmmaker Paul Taitt joined in the second hour to talk about his documentary, Supernatural Assault, which examines the frightening experiences of victims who have encountered these dark entities. The stories told in the film are compelling and terrifying, Taitt reported, describing the people who shared them as "normal and not crazy." Taitt recounted the tragic account of Dawn Howley, who confessed she was under physical attack by malevolent forces who wanted to kill her. "Almost a year after we shot [Dawn's] interview we got a phone call to say that she was found dead in her apartment," he revealed.

Guiley suggested Shadow People are a shape-shifting form of the supernatural race of beings known as the Jinn, and are associated with sleep paralysis. "The hostile entities who attack people during the sleep state when they're vulnerable... they may take advantage of this natural condition and maybe even exacerbate it... they may even exert that paralytic force on the victim themselves," she said. According to Guiley, the primary purpose of the attacks is to feed off the victims' life force energy. These inter-dimensional beings can sometimes be warded off by quoting holy scripture or calling upon a sacred figure, but this does not work for everyone, she disclosed, recommending people under attack also practice ways to strengthen their auras.

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin / Mike Bara

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