Body Parts Trade/ Controlled Remote Viewing

Body Parts Trade/ Controlled Remote Viewing


HostConnie Willis

GuestsScott Carney, Lyn Buchanan

There's a macabre global underworld where organs, bones, and even live people are bought and sold in secret. Investigative journalist Scott Carney spent five years tracing the lucrative trade in human bodies known as the Red Market. He joined guest host Connie Willis (email) in the first half of the show to detail what he uncovered. Carney revealed his search into organ trafficking emerged from the tragic death of one of his students in India, where he watched various sides vie for parts of her body.

According to Carney, there is something inherently special about the human body, and to treat it as a mere commodity is a crime of the highest order. "You lose a bit of personhood when you lose your body part," he said. Carney reported on the market for human bones in Calcutta, where up to 60,000 skeletons a year were once exported around the world. A scandal in the 1980s involving the sale of skeletons of kidnapped children ended the thriving bone business there, Carney explained, noting some skeletons are still produced there under suspicious circumstances. "Every doctor that you've gone to in America has probably studied on Indian bones," he added.

Carney spoke about the need to honor the people who have willingly sacrificed parts of their bodies, such as kidneys. "We also need to respect the fact that these body parts come from actual humans, with actual lives, with actual family members, and if we don't respect that... we end up in very, very dark places," he suggested. Carney demonstrated how poor people have become the source of organs for the wealthy. It is evident that human flesh moves up, never down, the socioeconomic hierarchy, he asserted.


During the latter half of the program, controlled remote viewer Lyn Buchanan talked about the physical/mental protocols that allow a person to bring something which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface, and how his training has applied to telepathy and time. Buchanan described different forms of physical telepathy, including broadcast, group, psychological, and cellular, as well as what he called the seventh sense—mind-to-mind reading or true telepathy. Buchanan revealed he learned to hone his seventh sense in his remote viewing unit.

"In the military we learned not to care about how or why we could pick up the thoughts of foreign leaders... we just wanted to pick up the thoughts and save soldiers' lives," he continued. Beginning remote viewers almost always view their feedback (the future), Buchanan continued, noting how experienced and well-practiced remote viewers, on the other hand, can actually influence their own past. "You can give hindsight to a past event in your own life," he said, pointing out this information can be used to win at gambling.



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