Forbidden Archeology/ Violent Hauntings

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Forbidden Archeology/ Violent Hauntings

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In the first half, Michael Cremo continued his explorations of forbidden archeology, discussing anomalous artifacts, the hidden history of the human race, knowledge filtration systems operating within the scientific paradigm, the Silurian Hypothesis, Vedic cosmology and much more. He described the work of archaeologist JT Robinson, who used psychics to sense information about ancient humans who lived millions of years ago. He said the psychic would "lie down in the cave" where Robinson was engaged in research, and use a fossil bone from the site as a focus point to see what the life of the creature might have been like. Cremo also discussed Vedic (Hindu) cosmology and its ancient descriptions of fabulous cities, and devices that resemble atomic weapons and UFO-like flying machines.

Cremo said that many modern UFO reports match favorably with descriptions in ancient Indian religious texts, which recounted stories of flying machines such as one that "flew like a butterfly" and disappeared and then reappeared in the sky. He went on to express his opinion that humans were most likely planted here millions of years ago by an alien race and that, essentially, "we’re all extraterrestrials." Cremo also discussed the case of tiny metal spheres found deep in a mine in South Africa, which all contained precise grooves carved into them. As a race, he believes humans are "beings of pure consciousness" who "use the body as a vehicle" for consciousness. Related images.


Paranormal researcher Guy McCort grew up in a house haunted by the spirits who terrorized him and his family from his early childhood. In the second half, he discussed his journey to gather tangible evidence of the afterlife, as well as how he was led to other people who have almost identical stories of living with violent and oppressive hauntings. He says his interest in the paranormal and the afterlife was kindled as the result of a near-death experience he had at the age of eight. His childhood was spent in a house that was purchased by his grandmother as a rental property, but that no one would stay in for very long. She attempted to have the home spiritually cleansed by a priest, but this only seemed to make things worse.

Eventually, McCort learned that the house used to be located in a wild part of town which had gambling, saloons, and prostitiution in the 19th century. He learned that a man who was a serial killer owned the home for awhile, and McCort believes that the man is the restless and evil entity that plagues the property – where he still lives. At the age of nine, McCort said that he awoke to find his bed levitating "about four to five inches off the floor" and shaking. He has also seen shadows moving across the walls and heard his name being called in the house. He now heads a paranormal research group who attempt to cleanse homes of paranormal activity, and advised that oppressive hauntings are "nothing to mess with and nothing to joke around with," and to "seek out someone who will help you" get rid of the disturbance. Related images.

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