America's Secret History/ Geo-Engineering

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America's Secret History/ Geo-Engineering

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Author and investigator Paul L. Williams holds a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Drew University. In the first half, he discussed American history that mainstream media has not covered, including secret alliances between the CIA, why heroin is such a valuable commodity, what the conflict in Syria is really about, and the role that the central banks play in all of this. Williams said that what he found out through his research about the subversion of American democracy was "a horror story." He claims that a group of international banking interests have long ago taken control of the government, the military and the intelligence services. In the first half hour, Williams’ phone line was cut off twice. "This happens every time I’m talking about the CIA and heroin" he quipped.

At the end of the first hour, Williams’ co-author Rodney Brown characterized the election of Donald Trump as "a last-minute reprieve" from the total control of world governments by banking interests, although Willams later said that the president may be "a puppet of the same cartel." Williams characterized the Patriot Act as a move designed to take away most of the last freedoms and privileges of American citizens. He also decried wars as creations of financial interests designed to consolidate their power and control of resources, and observed that "things that are driving us into war have no impact on our national security." Williams concluded, "there’s only hope when people become educated and informed."


Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment caused by geoengineering. He discussed various weather modification techniques and the sinister agenda behind them. Wigington defines geoengineering as "attempts to manipulate Earth’s climate systems" which consist of everything from chemtrails to artificial seeding of clouds to create rain and snow. He is concerned that if weather modification continues at current levels, "we are not going to be around long." Wigington began his quest to find out how the weather might be controlled when he noticed up to an 80% decrease in power being produced by his solar panels, and with no obvious cause. He believes that some scientists and whistleblowers who have attempted to warn us about these catastrophic changes have been silenced.

Wigington expressed that what he sees as drastic attempts to control weather patterns are actually an attempt to control rising temperatures worldwide, and that the phenomenon known as "chemtrails" are being used to reflect solar energy back into space. Unfortunately, he says that this also traps heat that is already in the atmosphere, so the long term effect is the opposite, even though temperatures are lowered in the short term. Wigington suspects that last year’s lower-than-normal-temperatures along the East coast of the US were due to government weather engineering. He also made a case for weather changes as a consequence of attempts to ionize the atmosphere for use by sophisticated offensive and defensive weaponry. He believes that activists on this issue "must reach a critical mass and we must reach it soon."

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