UFO Disclosure

UFO Disclosure


HostJimmy Church

GuestsDaniel Sheehan, Open Lines

Federal civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss UFO disclosure. After World War II, the military conducted UFO investigations to ascertain what kind of threat unknown aerial vehicles posed to United States airspace. According to Sheehan, the UFOs posed no threat at all, though it was widely regarded these craft were not terrestrial in origin. USAF General Twining admitted UFO technology was from an off-planet civilization and it was essential for national security to learn about them, he explained.

"When the public got involved in this and demanded to know information about [UFOs], the US military actually set up a false program to deceive everybody into believing that the United States military did not believe that this was true, they did not believe this was real," Sheehan said. A secret program was set up to attack the credibility of anyone who reported witnessing a UFO, he continued. The reason? The military and defense department viewed the issue of UFOs as Above Top Secret as they were attempting to reverse-engineer the UFO technology to develop superior weapons over Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union, Sheehan revealed.

He also commented on why the so-called 'disclosure' happening right now has not caused the worldwide panic predicted decades ago in various government reports. Since the release of documents in December 2017, the world has known the Pentagon had a secret program to assess the threat of UFOs. "We now know, beyond any doubt whatsoever, there was a full-scale covert program that's been exposed," Sheehan stated. The theory that the general population could not handle knowledge of UFOs had no basis in reality and was used only to justify keeping the program secret, he suggested.

Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.



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