Dearly Departed Special IV

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Dearly Departed Special IV

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In separate half-hour segments for the last three hours, George Noory played and commented on six different interviews from former guests in the C2C family that are no longer with us, yet whose legacies and ideas live on. First was Jim Marrs, who passed away in 2017. Marrs mentioned his belief that a secret space fleet existed and that a contact from the Navy told him he was trained and physically modified to breathe and work on other planets in the solar system. He also discussed the ancient astronaut theory, stating that there have been "reports of gods flying through the air throughout history." The next tribute interview segment was with R. Gary Patterson, recorded on April 21, 2016 – the day that rockstar Prince died. Patterson described him as one of a handful of artists who "affect an entire generation" and lamented that drug use and abuse is common among music stars, often as an aid to deal with their grueling schedules. Patterson traced the major events of Prince’s life.

2012 researcher John Major Jenkins was interviewed on December 21, 2010, exactly two years before the infamous date when the world was supposed to end. Jenkins emphasized that the Mayan calendar was conceived as a system of cycles and not based on linear time like our modern calendar. The 2012 date should be looked at as the start of a new cycle, not as the end of all time. In the third hour, George replayed part of an interview from May 21, 2009, with Patrick Heron, who researched Biblical references to the Antichrist. Heron decried the hysteria of other researchers who he said had "all been wrong," and described his interpretation of the Book of Revelation, which he said refers to "the beast from the abyss." Heron went on to list all the signs of this person and offered his opinion that this figure would appear soon.

Next was a show with the late Brad Steiger from August 18, 2011. Steiger described his newest research into the UFO phenomenon and revelations about some sort of object which orbited the moon 13,000 years ago and may have been put there by an alien civilization. He said that if you look into the UFO subject, "you really have to know yourself" in order to remain balanced. A segment featuring UFO researcher Bob Mitchell and his work with supposed time traveler "John Titor II" ended the program. Mitchell said that "the only way you can time travel is with a spaceship," and then introduced "John Titor" himself, who described his life and training in an elite Air Force time travel unit.

Movies Vs. Television

First-hour guest "Mr. Lobo" discussed recent film releases and the emergence of new media such as Netflix, which earlier in the day briefly surpassed Disney as the most valuable media company. Lobo expressed his opinion that the Star Wars franchise may be oversaturated at this time, and said they’ve presently "got too much product." Television, on the other hand "is a much more forgiving atmosphere" he said, and can afford to take some risks to establish shows and characters.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith / Peter Davenport

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