The Government and UFOs/ Transcending Fear

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Stephen Bassett, Dean Sluyter

In the first half, UFO lobbyist and truth seeker Stephen Bassett joined George Noory to discuss his latest efforts to end a government-imposed embargo on what he sees as the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena. Bassett said that he sees the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program as a waste of money and part of a continuing cover up. He reserved his praise and attention for the To The Stars Academy (TTS) group and their efforts to release UFO information, which he called "probably the most amazing development in the history of the truth embargo since Roswell." Although he doesn’t know how high in the government the authorization to release the information goes, Bassett believes that the TTS staffers "are coming out the side door" of the Pentagon hierarchy to urge the government and media to release more UFO accounts, film and video, and other information.

Bassett lauded the work of the late Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell and his efforts to promote the serious study of not only UFOs, but paranormal phenomena as well. He also observed that UFO meetings, events, and conventions seem to be appearing lately, as well as a resurgence of membership in UFO organizations. The reason the UFO subject is not being moved to the front of the national agenda is what he called a "category 5 political storm" in US politics since the last presidential election. All of this recent activity, he says, continues in an atmosphere of an official stance "about a subject that the government says doesn’t even exist."


In the second half, Dean Sluyter discussed how the primal fear of death is the root of other fears, anxieties, anger and addiction and how ancient teachings from sages such as Socrates and Buddha show how to transcend the limitations of the body and physical realm. Sluyter said that he has noticed a disturbing trend amongst young people of a sort of "free-floating anxiety" that is plaguing college campuses, and that anxiety and frustration are at high levels in this country. He suggested using a technique of imagining "breathing through the soles of your feet" which he claims will take the mind away from fear and anxiety. He added, "If you breathe deeply, it has a profound tranquilizing effect."

Sluyter mentioned the fear of death, the profound influence it has on most people, and how this fear and a need for safety is exploited by politicians and others. He believes in the concept of reincarnation and compared it to a stream, and human lives as whirlpools in the stream of time. He said that to think of reincarnation in this way makes one realize that "you’re not just this separate entity that is apart from the rest of the universe." Even with all of these techniques for natural methods of dealing with anxiety, Sluyter emphasized that he does not advocate the complete abandonment of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. The point is to use the medications as prescribed until they can be lessened or eliminated by natural means, in as much as this is possible for each individual. The show ended with a Memorial Day tribute to fallen service members from George.

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