Alien Mummy and Missile Range Mystery

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Alien Mummy and Missile Range Mystery

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a strange, alien-looking female "mummy" covered in white powder with only three fingers and three toes and its current DNA results, as well as the mysterious 'Area 29' located within White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Linda described the examination of a mummy found in an apparent underground "mausoleum" in Peru some 33 miles north-west of the famous Nazca lines. The being has an elongated skull, very long fingers, and toes, and was found covered in a white powder that was determined to be diatomaceous earth (a substance formed from fossilized microorganisms) in order to preserve the body. An analysis of the biological material still found in the figure indicated that it was at least 1800 years old, and as Steve Mera (who Linda interviewed for the segment) said, "could represent some form of human that we are not aware of" or could also be some form of human mutation or hybrid. The body and others have since disappeared into what Mera called "a warehouse full of these things."

Mera was shown photos of the alleged cave or tomb, and other artifacts that were found inside. The images included something that looked like ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing and one object which was reported as a 15-foot-high gold box topped with a pyramidal structure that supported a crystal of some kind. Mera theorized that it could have been some sort of communication device. Both Linda and Mera believe there is an active effort by someone with a great deal of power and wealth to cover up the existence of these mummies and artifacts found near the Nazca area.

In the third hour, Linda presented her interview with researcher Ryan Wood, who revealed information about a secret facility within the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico referred to as "Area 29." Wood and his father Robert received documents and photos referring to this facility beginning in the mid-1990s, and recently hired a remote viewer he referred to as "Sky Arrow" to report on any impressions that could be deduced from the material. According to Wood, the viewer first said that the "target makes me nervous," but went on to describe a facility that housed space vehicles, UFOs, and "experimental energy research for deep space propulsion vehicles." From these impressions, Wood concluded that the facility is "tapping into something that modern, open science doesn’t know or understand."

Volcano Update

First-hour guest Michael Salla reported on the latest details about the Kilauea volcano eruption, and curious events in Antarctica. Salla lives on the Big Island and moved away from the active volcanic area weeks ago. He said that it shows no signs of slowing and "looks like it will be erupting for quite some time." He also warned that a large piece of land could dislodge and drop into the Pacific Ocean, causing a "mega-tsunami" which could be as high as 100 feet if it reached the west coast of the US. Salla also mentioned the discovery of 91 dormant volcanoes under the snows in Antarctica, which could be melting the ice cap from below, and described the environmental impact of such a scenario.

News segment guests: ‪Lauren Weinstein, Michael Shedlock

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