Meteorite Hunting/ Dimensional Portal

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Meteorite Hunting/ Dimensional Portal

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Star of the Science Channel's "Meteorite Men," Geoff Notkin, joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss his adventures across four continents in search of rare and valuable space rocks. Notkin had just returned from a conference of the National Space Society, where personalities such as Buzz Aldrin and Jeff Bezos presented their opinions on the future of space travel, which Notkin believes will be "active and vibrant" for the foreseeable future. He said that "a trained eye can frequently spot meteorites on the ground" and that he sometimes sees them before his metal detector picks them up. He also detailed specific settings and practices with detectors that have been successful in his quest.

Meteorites fall all over the Earth and Notkin said that the odds of finding one are better in dry areas such as deserts or even Antarctica. This is because, as he pointed out, they "are rich in iron, so they decay over time," rusting in the presence of water. Part of his business is analyzing suspected meteorites from all over the world, but the ratio of actual objects from space is about one for every approximately 1200 samples they receive. Notkin described an episode of "Meteorite Men" which was filmed at the infamous Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, because tracking and radar indicated that a large object fell to Earth somewhere on the base. They found the fragments of the meteorite, but were accompanied throughout by a military chaperone, who at one point cryptically told the film crew "from this point on, no one can look to the south." Related images.


Steve Bachmann built a device that allegedly opened up a dimensional portal in 2016 that allowed bipedal creatures to cross over to our dimension. He detailed what the "people" who came out of this portal have shared with him and his amazing story of technology and dimensional travel. His saga began, says Bachmann, while surfing YouTube, where he encountered plans and instructions to produce an electrical generator called an "over unity device," which is supposed to produce more energy than is put in, and "produces an electromagnetic field around it" he said. He got in touch with a man named Matthew Johnson, who told Bachmann that he was in contact with a group of entities he referred to as the "Bigfoot Forest People" who he said were extraterrestrials. He said they needed help to leave their dying planet.

Bachmann joined Johnson in a forest near Medford Oregon on June 26, 2016 and brought his generator. He claims at that time, they turned on his device and approximately 24,000 of these creatures came through a dimensional portal that was created. In gratitude for saving their race from a horrible fate, Bachmann says they began to heal his health problems. He says that one of the beings, named "Shenka" now lives in his brain and gives him advice and healing energy. Of those who express doubt about his experience, Bachmann replied "If they had the interaction I had, they wouldn’t dare question it." Related image.

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