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Dreams & ESP/ Ghost Photography

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Henry Reed, Ph.D., Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, is considered to be the father of the modern dream-work movement. In the first half, he discussed his research into dreams and ESP, and his Dream Helper Circle experiment. During the dream state, we occupy a different type of consciousness, he said, and "we're all interconnected in some way." His Dream Helper Circle plays off of the idea of that one person can have a helpful dream for another person. He currently is conducting the Dream Circle experiment by email, in which one participant is assigned to have a specific dream to help another member of the group.

Reed explained how the experiment works: in advance, all members think of a problem or issue in their life in which they're seeking guidance. After having a dream on an assigned night, the participant emails their dream description into the group administrator. Then, each person gets a set of dream descriptions emailed to them, and they pick out the one(s) that most apply to their issue or question. Not only do the members glean meaning and insight from the dreams in relation to their problem, but the responses are then tallied to check for ESP (that is when the assigned dreamer seemed to match the query of the person they were dreaming for). Reed reports that ESP correlations have run quite high in the experiment.


Author, ghost photographer, and researcher Tim Scullion worked as a tour guide in Colonial Williamsburg. In the latter half, he spoke about his amazing photographs of ghosts and apparitions (view a selection), which he has a knack for capturing. He went from being a skeptic about ghosts to a believer after giving ghost tours to tourists and seeing and experiencing paranormal activities, such as being tapped on the shoulder, hearing and smelling inexplicable things, and feeling an "icy cold presence." While he doesn't see ghosts with the naked eye, about one out of every 50 of his photos seem to depict something anomalous.

Scullion said that while he crops his images, and does adjustments in contrast, brightness, and noise, they are otherwise not Photoshopped or altered. Among the types of entities that have shown up in his images are "Geo-lights"-- geometric formations of light that move and shape-shift; "Classic Whites" which look like Casper-type Halloween ghosts with indistinguishable features; and "Visages" that show up in windows. He suggested that "the window glass is some sort of a conduit that allows them to be able to appear and look out on people." Generally, he added, only their face appears and covers just one window pane. Interestingly, Scullion believes that many of these entities have a desire to be seen or noticed.

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