Tim Scullion

Tim Scullion


Tim Scullion is a published author, musician, and photographer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in education from the College of William and Mary. Tim released the first of a new series of books featuring paranormal photography in the fall of 201. As an author/ photographer, Tim was first published by the University of Virginia in its worldwide-distributed publication Troubled Times Companion, featuring a photo-essay on Native Americans.

A highly skilled guitarist, he has published a popular series of guitar instruction books called Shred Tech. with significant sales in the U.S., Great Britain, and Europe. Tim has also penned a very different Christmas novel called Nick, and has written and illustrated a children’s book called the Kids Forever Club.



Past Shows:

  • Shared-Death Experiences / Eerie Ghost Photos

    Dr. Scott Taylor of the Expanded Awareness Institute delved into the phenomena of shared-death and near-death experiences. Followed by photographer Tim Scullion who talked about his ghost photography and provided analysis of eerie images he provided to coasttocoastam.com.More »
  • Military UFO Encounters / Ghost Photography

    John Guerra discussed the work of longtime UFO researcher George Filer. Tim Scullion revealed his work gathering photogrpahic evidence of ghosts.More »
  • Dreams & ESP/ Ghost Photography

    Henry Reed shared details of his ESP Dream experiment. Followed by Tim Scullion on his ghost photography.More »

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