Alchemy & Secret Space Program/ Ancient Gods

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Alchemy & Secret Space Program/ Ancient Gods

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Filmmaker Jay Weidner has spent the last 30 years researching alchemy and ancient traditions. He joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss the history and practical applications of alchemy, as well as the latest information about long-term weather cycles and the coming ice age. Weidner characterized the practice of alchemy as "an understanding of the world that we have lost," and pointed out that the secrets about it that have been hidden for centuries can now be talked about because the authorities are no longer interested in suppressing something they consider "pseudoscience." Weidner said that we are surrounded by an "unseen ocean" of electricity and that what we see as paranormal events are tears in time and space caused by energetic outbursts from the environment or from the efforts of certain people.

Weidner went on to explain his idea that what alchemists were looking for was to collect as much of the "celestial fire" or plasmic energy as possible to prolong their lives. He also said that things we know as paranormal entities such as fairies and elves are higher dimensional beings composed of this plasma, which Weidner believes is "born out of the sun." Over the next 13 years, he sees evidence of a cold wave affecting the Northern Hemisphere, although he says "there’s nothing you can really do about it, it’s just a natural cycle" which has been repeating throughout history. Finally, Weidner discussed the films of Stanley Kubrick and how he believes that the filmmaker was trying to reveal secret societies, mind control, and the secret space program through films like Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, and 2001, A Space Odyssey.


In the third hour, ancient advanced technology expert, Jason Martell discussed the evidence for technological sophistication of ancient civilizations. He first mentioned that he was actually surprised that the show Ancient Aliens (where he makes frequent appearances) has made it to 100 episodes. He says the series was the first to "go 100% full bore" on the subject, without presenting any dissenting input from skeptics, and Martell believes that this is one of the keys to its success. He said that popular opinion of the program has ultimately won out as well as answered any doubts that science might have about the claims presented. Martell believes there is now ample evidence that "we have been interacting with several other intelligent species for thousands of years," and that the ancients used the heavens as a "celestial clock" to track and predict vast cycles of time on the Earth.

Open Lines

During Open Lines in the last hour, Brian in Indiana said that he believes that the information presented in programs such as Ancient Aliens will eventually "be brought out to the public" in an official way. John in Maryland spoke about technology and his view that what the public knows is usually 20 years or more behind the most cutting-edge advances. Dana called from Virginia and said she believes that when we die, we become "soldiers fighting a battle against evil," and compared this idea to Jay Weidner’s theory of "plasma beings." At the beginning of the program, Jimmy said that he recently experienced some virulent targeted advertising because of a phone conversation. Michelle and Jeff, both from California, called in to confirm that the same thing had happened to them.

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