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Great Sphinx Discovery/ UFO Phenomena

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Geologist and author Robert Schoch joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss worldwide evidence for advanced civilizations that predate mainstream archaeology’s present accepted age of about 4,000 years. Schoch expressed his opinion that perhaps the mainstream view of ancient history may be changing, since "the last vestiges of the old guard are retiring" from archaeology. He pointed out that the discovery of the Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey and evidence it provides that advanced civilizations may have existed over 10,000 years ago makes his theory that the Sphinx is at least as old more plausible. Schoch discussed recent archaeological and geological discoveries which indicate that human civilization was wiped out by "a major solar outburst" at the end of the last ice age, which caused catastrophic worldwide flooding.

Schoch says that this outburst (also known as a coronal mass ejection) also caused glaciers to melt, wildfires around the globe, as well as an energy that excited the atmosphere and caused devastating lightning strikes which affected large areas of the Earth, leaving evidence of melted rock on the surface, which he says can still be found in places like Scotland and Syria. He believes that the atmospheric disturbance were so great that they might have also caused widespread earthquakes. The combined destructive power of these events was enough, he says, to wipe out everything but the most sturdy stone buildings and monuments, and send surviving humans underground, into places like the Cappadocia complex in Turkey. Schoch also discussed evidence that is mounting that the Great Sphinx has a chamber hidden beneath the left front paw which may contain a wealth of ancient records and that the original form of the Sphinx was that of the lioness Mehit.


In the latter half, Dr. Irena Scott, who has worked in institutions involved in the UFO field including the DIA and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, discussed her very unusual UFO sighting which included possible missing time, something that made her car interior light up in a strange way, and a stranger who chased her during the encounter. Scott related the 1968 sighting that she had while on an East Coast road trip with her sister. At the time, she was working on classified satellite technology for the Defense Intelligence Agency and couldn’t admit anything about the sighting to anyone because she thought she’d "just gone crazy."

Scott spent the first hour of the program recalling the entire episode in detail. It was after sunset when both she and her sister noticed a bright, white light that seemed to be moving erratically through the sky near the city of Boston. Scott said they then passed a forested area and saw a basketball-sized sphere floating in the trees. The object was changing colors, and as they drove by, the "inside of the car lit up in green" like it was illuminated by invisible "Christmas lights." They soon stopped the car to look at the white object and were confronted by a man who first asked if they needed any help, but then chased them in his truck as they left the area. Scott managed to get a photo of the object, and to her surprise, another appeared right beside it on the film, which was sensitive to invisible wavelengths of light. Science is not exactly equipped to examine the UFO problem, Scott pointed out, because of its "fatal flaw" of repeatability, and the fact that a UFO cannot be made to appear reliably on demand.

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