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Animal Communication

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Pet psychic Crystal Hope Reed joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss her work communicating with animals telepathically and helping pet owners better understand their animals and resolve issues. Reed identified herself as a skeptic and not naturally psychic, and recounted the time she attended a 2-hour workshop where she discovered she could communicate with animals. She admitted trying out her newfound psychic skills by issuing a series of commands to her pit bull, Damien. "After just a few minutes he spun around three times and laid down where I asked him to," Reed recalled.

According to Reed, most animals will speak to her immediately, except for Damien. "He knew that if he let me know that he heard me in that moment, that things would be different forever," she revealed. Reed reported on what she has picked up from animals at zoos, where she sensed much sadness among animals even in the best possible conditions. Being in an enclosure pushes zoo animals to a point in humans that we would label mental illness, she explained. "It's hard to go to places like that once you have any sensitivity to animals," Reed said, noting how she must shut off her abilities most of the time in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Reed described receiving what she terms 'thought-feeling packages' from animals. Animals communicate in a sophisticated manner with one another using packages that contain feelings and visuals all at once, she disclosed. In a like manner, Reed claimed to receive downloads from animals of words, images, feelings, and even flashing lights identifying places of pain. She pointed out the importance of avoiding front-loading, and why she prepares raw information and transcripts of a session. "I try to give exactly what the animal said and showed me, and then it's up to the human client to interpret what that means with their relationship with their animal," she said.

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