Working with Exorcists/ Megalodon Monster

Working with Exorcists/ Megalodon Monster


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Richard Gallagher, Steve Alten

He's not a priest, but a psychiatrist. In the first half, Dr. Richard Gallagher talked about his work as a consultant on numerous exorcisms. While he has seen thousands of patients in his practice, none of them have ever struck him as being possessed, yet in the cases he's been brought in on, primarily with Catholic exorcists, he's seen about 100 cases of genuine demonic possession. He cited evidence including the afflicted person going into a trance and fluently speaking a foreign language (such as Greek or Latin) that they did not know, superhuman strength and levitation, a separate personality that is incredibly hostile to religion, and hidden knowledge (a possessed Satanist knew details of how Gallagher's mother died).

The average psychiatric patient who thinks they are possessed does not meet the above criteria, he noted. Cases can go on for weeks, months, and years-- a person can be delivered from just one exorcism, or remain possessed even after 50 such rituals, he reported. Gallagher, who is a practicing Catholic, has concluded that possession usually takes place because the person invites the demonic presence in, often through dabbling in occult matters. For someone to rid themselves of the possession, he said they generally have to renounce their ways and want to change, as an adjunct to the exorcism process. More here.


In the latter half, Steve Alten, the author of the bestselling MEG, and DOMAIN series talked about the release of the movie The MEG, based on his novel, as well as his research into the Loch Ness monster and other strange phenomena. MEG is short for Carcharodon Megalodon, an extinct prehistoric cousin of the modern-day Great White shark. The creature was massive in size-- about 60 to 70 ft. in length and weighing around 100 tons. Its teeth were 6-7 inches each, set back in a conveyor belt fashion. Its enormous jaw was approximately 10 ft. high, he marveled, and "it could eat a small elephant in one bite."

The storyline of the MEG novel and movie take place in the deepest most unexplored gorge in the world – the Mariana Trench, which has hydrothermal vents at the bottom, heating the waters the Megalodon inhabits. Regarding the possibly real sea creature, Nessie, Alten reviewd his theory that she is a giant eel. He also talked about his UFO sighting in 2013, just before he was meeting with Steven Greer. He and his wife saw saucer-shaped ships with amber lights in the Florida night sky. The objects were quiet and majestic, and then they just disappeared out of thin air.

During the last half-hour, George played audio of a comic studio visit from Dr. Morgus.

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