Celebrity Deaths & Conspiracies/ Psychic Functioning

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Date Host Richard Syrett
Guests David Gardner, Sloan Bella

Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, investigative writer David Gardner revealed new information about various celebrity deaths, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. Gardner pointed out that "we don’t always seem to know the facts behind how" famous people really died. He said that Marilyn Monroe’s alleged sexual relationships with JFK and RFK might have made her too hot to handle after she threatened to go public with the contents of her detailed diaries, which Gardner said "would have been hugely destructive" and may have targeted her for a death made to look like a suicide.

Gardner said that Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker, had early connections to organized crime, and an incurable gambling habit, which was an unfortunate combination when Elvis began a residency in Las Vegas. Ultimately though, Gardner believes that the only cover-up in Presley’s death was "a coverup with good intentions," intended to save the singing legend’s reputation by lying about how and where he was found when he died. He also talked about the death of Michael Jackson, and the complicity shared by his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray (who tired to administer CPR to Jackson with a phone in one hand) and the medical profession in general, which Gardner said missed an opportunity to warn doctors and the public about the dangers of enabling addicted patients.


In the second half, psychic medium, astrologer, and modern-day metaphysician, Sloan Bella described the work of a psychic as well as her work solving and laying the groundwork on a series of mysterious high profile celebrity deaths. Richard asked her about an apparent psychic episode he experienced during the previous night’s program. Bella described it as a normal occurrence, and said that he was being guided to be what he needed to be and that psychic abilities are "very poignant, and...very subtle at the same time."

Bella spoke on what she has sensed from celebrities who have passed on. She said that she was contacted by the spirit of Nicole Brown Simpson, who told her that she had influenced Simpson’s next girlfriend to meet him and then leave him as a form of revenge because after his murder trial, "all eyes were on him," and there was nothing he could do without the public finding out. Bella's impression of the recent suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was that it was due to dark spirits from the other side telling him to do it, and he didn’t realize that "those are not his own thoughts in his head." She called it "murder from the other side." In the last hour, Bella gave readings and advice to callers.



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