Double Earths/ Why Magick Works

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Double Earths/ Why Magick Works

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In the first half, electrical engineer and physicist Brooks Agnew shared updates on a variety of topics, including his work on North Pole Inner-Earth expeditions, his theories of Earth being made of two planets (one very high frequency, and one low frequency), and how the global elite and a "shadow government" conspire behind-the-scenes. "What I kept discovering...was that there was another government inside our government basically taxing us and fining us, calling for all kinds of fees and regulations-- they're really the ones that are writing our laws-- not Congress," he said. The problem is, he continued, "we don't have any representation inside that government" and good people are losing their lives as part of the conspiracy.

There is still hope, he reported, for an expedition in an icebreaker ship (that plows through frozen waters) to explore a possible Inner Earth entry near the North Pole, though the cost would be around $3.5 million. Many ancient civilizations have talked about a cataclysmic cosmic event, and Agnew has concluded that Earth is made up of two planets, one about 4.5 billion years old, and the other around 6,000 years old. He postulated that Earth was just 1/3 the size it once was, and the current planet was formed during a collision between a mostly water object and a rocky planet. This has happened elsewhere in the solar system, he added, suggesting that Uranus collided with a world twice the size of Earth.


PEN Award-winning author and occult historian Mitch Horowitz explored a variety of magick, spellwork, and fortunetelling and why they work. He discussed far-flung oracular methods—ceremonial, Hermetic, astrology, positive mind, chaos magick, hoodoo, witchcraft, etc.—and presented a theoretical working model of why such practices are not just "all in our heads." We live, he explained, "in a universe of infinite possibilities," and we're selecting from different outcomes all the time, based on where we place our attention and focus. He detailed how "anarchic magick" (a kind of DIY blend of a person's own spiritual ceremonies and rituals) is particularly potent, and worked to change the creative direction of his own life.

Horowitz has just completed an experiment, providing more than two hundred tarot readings over a whirlwind July Fourth weekend to people at a distance who follow him on social media. The results were sometimes uncanny, he said, noting that the cards, through their meaningful archetypal images, offer a snapshot of the present moment as though taken by a sort of "transcendental camera." Mitch offered 3-card tarot readings to callers in the last hour, finding a narrative in the cards to intuit answers to their questions.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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