Friday the 13th & Spiritual Attacks

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Friday the 13th & Spiritual Attacks

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Exorcist Bill Bean appeared in the middle two hours of the program to discuss Friday the 13th, cases of spiritual attacks, encounters with evil, and various paranormal happenings. He revealed his approach to fighting against sinister forces which he calls 'warrior mode.' In warrior mode one operates with faith, strength, and courage, he explained. "By truly having a connection with God in that way... I refuse to lose," Bean added.

Since all of life operates on frequency and vibration, one must be in high frequency to remain in a positive state and moving forward, he continued. Bean shared one of his latest cases of a couple in Florida which illustrates why operating in a low vibrational state presents challenges and opens one up to evil entities. According to Bean, the husband had worked for shadow agencies and had PTSD, and the wife has been harboring bitterness.

When people operate from a trauma-based, low frequency position demonic forces are almost always present, he explained. Spiritual deliverances were performed on the husband and wife, as well as on the property, Bean reported. "I just don't bind and cast [demons] out... I ask God's angels to take them into custody and deposit them in the pits of hell," he said. Bean also linked Friday the 13th to the Last Supper and the 13th member of the dinner, Judas Iscariot. He also shared ten steps people can take to improving their lives, which for Bean begins with making God first.

Spring-Heeled Jack & Time Traveling Bathroom

In the first hour, Lionel Fanthorpe, known as "the greatest storyteller ever born," returned to C2C to share some of his classic stories, including the tale of Spring-heeled Jack — a diabolical character who terrorized Victorian Britain and evaded capture by making incredible leaps. According to reports, Jack could leap over high walls and houses from a standing position. Nobody knows how he did it, Fanthorpe noted. He suggested Jack was born with a genetic abnormality which gave him the ability to jump high or may have been an extraterrestrial humanoid from a high-gravity planet.

Fanthorpe also recounted a supposedly true account of a man who used an old Victorian lavatory and exited into a different time. "If a time slip does occur and if you can get back to your location, there's a fair chance that when it resolves itself you will be back where you were when it threw you out," he said.

The last hour of the show was devoted to Open Lines.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport

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