Ayahuasca Experiences

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Ayahuasca Experiences

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In the latter half of the program, Jerry Wills joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to talk about ayahuasca and his experiences using the hallucinogenic drug. "Ayahuasca is something your body produces when you sleep at night," Wills said, noting cognitive thinking and other functions are possible because of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the brain. Ayahuasca is created from a blend of a vine and leaves and bark; DMT comes from the vine, while the leaves and bark create a substance which turns off an enzyme that would stop DMT from passing into the body, he explained. According to Wills, DNA sends and receives messages via light, and when DMT is added the DNA becomes more luminous, and capable of sending and receiving even more information.

"When you open yourself up to these energies of ayahuasca... you're becoming more sensitive to light," he continued. The more one uses ayahuasca the more they can become conversant in this language of light, Wills added. He revealed how some who have participated in ayahuasca ceremonies have been healed of serious illnesses, as well as how the drug opens participants to a common experience for a short time. "We've noticed that there is a point during the ayahuasca ceremony when there is a commonality in the awareness factor," Wills explained, pointing out after the shared vision each one goes on to a separate journey. He recommended doing ayahuasca in a remote location, such as the Amazonian jungles of Peru, and during late night so the thoughts of the world do not adversely impact the journey.

Remote Viewing Bigfoot & Aftermath

In the first hour, controlled remote viewing instructor Lori Williams followed up on an unknown target she was asked to remote view prior to her appearance on C2C on 5/20/17. "I was about halfway through the second page when I suddenly went, 'Oh my gosh, I think this is Bigfoot!'," she recalled. Williams spoke about some of the strange things that have happened after she correctly identified the target. "We started having all this very strange phenomena in our house, where doors start locking and unlocking," she revealed, noting how her car also exhibited this bizarre behavior. Things began disappearing, something grabbed my husband, and knocks have been heard on the bedroom door, she added. Williams suggested Sasquatch can move through space and time, and are to blame for the odd occurrences at her home.

Robert Van Den Broeke & Crop Circles

During the second hour, filmmaker William Gazecki discussed his most recent documentary on Robert Van Den Broeke — the only person known to predict when and where a crop circle would appear (related video). Robert had been having unusual experiences since he was a child, and eventually started coming across crop circle formations in the late 90s, Gazecki explained. He described an anomalous experience in which Robert looked out his second-story window to see a sphere of light as big as a car, which collapsed into a tiny dot and faded away. Scorch marks and a strange powder were left behind on his house, Gazecki revealed, noting how the events have become more sophisticated and complex since then. The interview was cut short due to a poor phone connection.

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