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The existence of UFOs using technology beyond anything developed on Earth has been proved "beyond reasonable doubt" according to Luis Elizondo, the former head of a covert US program that studied UFOs. Elizondo along with Jan Harzan, the Executive Director of MUFON, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss various aspects of the Pentagon UFO study, and the broader ramifications of contact. While three videos from the study were released through Elizondo's efforts, the Pentagon has a lot of other ones, Elizondo revealed, but it would be up to the government to release them if they chose to do so. The videos that were released were unclassified excerpts of more extended footage, he continued, and as more details come out, people will realize how unique these events were-- they were certainly not IR glare or flare that debunkers have suggested.

Harzan noted that in addition to the Pentagon's video footage, there's the witness in the military aircraft observing the anomalies, as well as radar data, both which strengthen the case that they were not chasing a craft made on Earth. Elizondo hopes that the release of the Pentagon UFO information will move the conversation from the fringe into the mainstream, and involve Congress and the public. He talked about the study of "metamaterials," recovered artifacts engineered with properties not found on Earth, and how such materials are analyzed. Elizondo is "cautiously optimistic" that there may be an announcement about this shortly, but would not confirm that such material actually exists. He also talked about the USS Nimitz video-- the craft had no exhaust or winged surfaces and was able to orient itself at 90-degree angles without losing altitude. In the audio, someone can be heard saying there's an entire fleet of them.


Giuliano Marinkovic is a former member of Croatian Air Defense and was a shift chief in a Signal Intelligence unit from 1991-1995. As a journalist, he's been following and reporting on UAP/aeronautical incidents for the last 22 years. In the latter half, he spoke about his research and interviews with pilots and five former Yugoslav generals in relation to UFO phenomena. One of the breakthroughs for Marinkovic was the publication of a book about the 172nd Aviation Regiment in Serbia that featured a chapter on UFO encounters, which led him to further investigate.

He reconstructed the 172nd's case from 1975. The incident started on the Croatian side, where targets were observed flying at 4,000 mph but also decelerating to very slow speeds or hovering. The phenomena moved toward Montenegro near where the 172nd was stationed, and the UFOs, appearing as yellowish-orange lights, were observed by their pilots. Eventually, a pilot from Belgrade was sent to intercept and shoot down the craft, he recounted, but as he approached, the orders to proceed with the mission were stalled. Suddenly the craft disappeared, but then as he was flying back, the anomalous vehicle materialized right in front of him, which seemed completely impossible.

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