Common Core Standard/ JFK & Ancient Aliens

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Common Core Standard/ JFK & Ancient Aliens

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Associate professor of political science at Fordham University, Nicholas Tampio critiqued the "Common Core" education standard, which details what and when K–12 students should be taught. Common Core, though known by different names in various states, such as the "College Career Readiness Standard," is practiced in many school districts throughout the US. "My problem with the standard," he said, "is that they're all about using the exact word from the text which provides young people very few opportunities to think for themselves." We're seeing a trend for the "top-down control of schools," he added, and while for the next few years we'll still have brick and mortar schools, students will be on computers for more and more time.

Teachers, he continued, will function more like security guards and computer helpers. The common core standard is working to make education "teacher-proof," he commented, and schools with low test scores are in jeopardy of being taken over by the state, with all the teachers and administrators fired. This functions to make everyone in the school system fearful of losing their jobs and overly concerned about standardized test scores, he cited. Tampio is wary of the one-size-fits-all model of education and recommends programs where students are doing things with their hands, forming personal connections, doing research, and thinking for themselves.


Engineering consultant Mike Bara is an author, contributor to the TV shows Ancient Aliens and Uncovering Aliens, and rogue science advocate. In the latter half, he discussed his new work on the JFK assassination and its connection to ancient aliens. President Kennedy, he contends, was aware that there were ancient extraterrestrial artifacts on the moon, and "found himself frozen out by what we would now call the Deep State, and decided to launch the Apollo program as a means of getting...the civilian government's hands on this technology" so that it could be reverse-engineered. According to Bara, by the time the Apollo 17 mission took place, there was an "aggressive" retrieval of technology at a hexagonal structure on the lunar surface.

It was through his association with James Forrestal (who died from a fall from a window) that JFK learned about the alien presence that's been interacting with Earth, said Bara, and like Forrestal, he wanted to inform the public of these facts. Kennedy knew too much and was going to say too much, plus he was going to share what was found on the moon with the Russians, and this is one reason why Bara believes he was assassinated. In his investigation, he looked at several different photographs including the Mary Moorman image showing the grassy knoll and a figure known as "Badge Man" whom he believes fired the shot that hit JFK from the front. Bara has also concluded that Oswald was not a patsy, and was shooting from the Book Depository at the same time.

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