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Alternative Health/ Sociology of the Supernatural

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Dr. Joel Wallach addresses alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from many diseases and ailments. In part one, Wallach encouraged listeners to take omega three fish oil for continued heart health and stated that the heart issue known as atrial fibrillation is caused by a nerve issue in the spinal cord which can be treated by relieving pressure on certain areas of the spine. To help with hernias, Wallach suggested placing "2x4s under the foot of the bed" to reverse the pressure of the internal organs on the area of the hernia as well as well as cutting out processed meats from the diet.

Wallach continued his support of using dairy products as part of a healthy diet, and suggested eating a stick of butter a day "like a candy bar." He also contends as "1000% incorrect" that the obesity epidemic in the U.S. is caused by eating too much and exercising too little, as the government and mainstream medicine claims, but can be cured purely by cutting out fried and processed foods, gluten and sugar, and using his weight loss supplements. In a piece of good news for coffee junkies, Wallach also said that if you drink 3-8 cups a day, you could add "5-10 years to your life."


In the second half, author, researcher and professor of sociology at Ripon College in Wisconsin, Marc Eaton discussed his research on people who gravitate toward pursuing paranormal investigation of many types. Eaton began by describing his work embedded with ghost hunters and others who study hauntings. He says he "came into this with an open mind," and no bias either for or against the paranormal, but eventually had his neutrality shaken by incidents such as having investigators pulled back by some unseen force while he was standing next to them. He observed that most of the groups he worked with would not jump to conclusions about what they were seeing, and started out with mundane explanations.

Eaton also noted that most of the groups have a very strong code of ethics, which does not allow charging anyone for their services. Eaton has also looked into how the community of those who consider themselves vampires feel that they have "always been this on the inside," but simply didn’t "have a label for it." Most of his colleagues are generally respectful of his work, although he says some of the more staunch disbelievers are from the natural sciences. After six years of research, he says he has "come away with a respect for the value of the supernatural in people’s lives."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Dr. Tim Ball

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