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In the second hour, William Stickevers, an international astrologer specializing in archetypal, financial and geopolitical astrology shared forecasts for financial markets, cryptocurrency, and world events. With the blood moon eclipse on the horizon, he sees this signaling turmoil and weakening of the stock market, which began earlier in the day with the crash of Facebook's value. During this period of economic reset, he believes we'll see gold spike up to around 2400 by 2019. The conjunction of Mars with the eclipse is associated with the brutal heatwave in the American Southwest and elsewhere around the world, he said, adding that "this will accelerate and intensify between now and August 11th," leading to various emergencies associated with heat.


Independent scholar, writer, and teacher, Judika Illes offers encyclopedic knowledge of everything magical and metaphysical. In the latter half, she discussed her latest work on the power of the mind and manifesting, as well as accounts about spells, spellcasting, and things we can do to create better conditions and opportunities for ourselves. "A spell," she stated, "is a conscious attempt to harness magical energy" for a given purpose. It should be done with a specific goal rather than haphazardly, and ideally, the spells we place on ourselves can be the most powerful for internal transformation, she shared.

Spells should always be cast in the present tense, she noted, and stronger emotions behind them tend to make then more effective. For the simplest spiritual cleansing, she recommended bathing in salt water, and focusing on being free of anything that hinders you from achieving your maximum happiness. When it comes to using a spell for a desired relationship, it's often best to set them up as open-ended rather than fixated on a specific individual, she advised. Illes also talked about the timing of spells-- when you seek something to come into your life do this with the new moon, and when you wish to rid something of your life, do this with a waning moon.

Mars and the Moon

First-hour guest, author and rogue scientist Mike Bara talked about Mars, the moon, and ancient artifacts. At one time Mars orbited a planet more massive than itself, and suffered an environmental catastrophe when this planet exploded, he suggested. The explosion, which may have taken place within the last few hundred thousand years, accounts for the Red Planet's craters, he added. Speaking of anomalies of the Martian moon, Phobos, he noted it has large empty caverns, a cross-hatching pattern that looks like it could be artificial, and an odd monolith buried on its surface. Bara also touched on the Moon landing conspiracy, which he does not put stock in.

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