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Middle East Analysis/ After-Death Experiences

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Dennis Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai, was born in Flushing, New York and moved to Israel at age 19 in August 1968, and studied three years at the Jewish Theological Seminary as part of the MA program. He shared his analysis of Middle East conflicts and the current geopolitical climate. Iran is running low on water, and if they made peace with Israel, the Jewish state would help them solve this issue, he commented, adding that Iranians are getting fed-up and close to overthrowing their regime.

Lipkin recently formed the first-ever Judeo-Christian political party in Israel, and it has been approved by the government-- he noted that Christians are about 8-9% of the population of Israel, but not represented in the Knesset legislature. Speaking of terrorism, he warned of a resurgence of ISIS and attacks worse than 9-11. Regarding the Syrian war, he suggested that a friendlier climate between the US and Russia could help in trying to work out their differences and end the conflict.


In the latter half, Kristy Robinett, a psychic medium, author, and inspirational speaker, discussed using her psychic skills to assist with police investigations, as well as how spirits' experiences differ in the after-death environment. The way we conduct our lives while on Earth helps shape what the afterlife will be like for us, and each person's experience of it will be different, she explained. We're continuously communicating with the other realm, she added, and the dream state is one of the most common paths for spirits to come through to us.

She sees purgatory or limbo as an in-between state that functions as a kind of "healing room" for spirits that are still trying to release the residue of their guilt or unresolved issues. Sometimes, she continued, this is where people that commit suicide initially end up. When spirits do crossover, they go through a life review or what she calls "angel boot camp," and ultimately they have to decide whether to reincarnate in a new life. Interestingly, during some of Robinett's visits to haunted locations, she has had to sign a waiver stating that she will not help spirits crossover, as the places want to retain their ghosts. This is a practice she does not approve of as she believes most earthbound spirits actually welcome assistance in moving on.

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