Kristy Robinett

Kristy Robinett


Kristy Robinett is a revolutionary psychic medium and author whose involvement with the paranormal began at the age of 3 when she began playing and communicating with spirits, labeled imaginary friends by her parents, which was totally unacceptable. Kristy specializes in bringing humor to what most fear and inspires all ages to ignite the light within them so that the fire of inspiration continues on. It's Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out coach and speaker. Kristy has worked with a number of paranormal teams throughout the United States on paranormal cases, along with law enforcement as a psychic detective and psychic profiler. Kristy has been profiled on many radio and television shows. She also teaches psychic development and paranormal investigating at local colleges.



Past Shows:

  • Evolutionary Toolkit / Nightmares & Empathy

    Evolutionary biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying discussed unhappiness and division in the most prosperous age in human history. Followed by psychic medium Kristy Robinett, who explained the messages sent via nightmares.More »
  • Secret History of Tyranny/ Useful Astrology

    Paul L. Williams discussed hidden power and influence. Kristy Robinett talked about practical astrological work.More »
  • Middle East Analysis/ After-Death Experiences

    Dennis Avi Lipkin shared his analysis of Middle East conflicts. Followed by Kristy Robinett on how spirits' experiences differ in the afterlife.More »
  • Investment Strategies/ Other Side Communications

    Harry S. Dent, Jr., discussed investment strategies. Kristy Robinett talked about communication from beyond death.More »
  • Paranormal Friday the 13th

    In the first half, medium, paranormal investigator, and author of Ghosts of Southeast Michigan, Kristy Robinett, discussed the connections of Friday the 13th with hauntings, superstitions and the paranormal. Friday the 13th Open Lines followed.More »