Contact from the Other Side / Atlantis, Timelines, & Predictions

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Contact from the Other Side / Atlantis, Timelines, & Predictions

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Arielle Ford, a leading personality in the personal growth and spirituality movement, was invited by spiritual medium James Van Praagh for a private reading with her sister in heaven, Debbie Ford. During the reading, Debbie kept asking Arielle if she would write a prayer book with her. Eventually, she gave in and said yes, clueless as to how this would happen. Arielle and James joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss how they subsequently found an entire unpublished manuscript from Debbie. The book, titled Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within, was written during her long battle with cancer, and published this year, around the 5th anniversary of her death. It contains poignant prayers that Debbie first developed when she was struggling to remain sober while in rehab, Arielle explained.

One of the critical things that Arielle learned when Van Praagh communicated with her sister's spirit was how significant Debbie viewed the act of forgiveness. She ascertained that since passing over to Other Side, Debbie is more committed than ever to teaching and sharing her wisdom. As a spirit, she now has the greatest platform, Arielle said, "as she can be many places at once" and reach more people. Even when we're alive, "I always say that 80% of the soul is out of the body," Van Praagh added. He also talked about "soul groups," spirits that often reincarnate together and share lifetimes as family and friends.


In the latter half, author and self-help pioneer, Tom T. Moore discussed past lives, multiple timelines, life on Atlantis and Lemuria, predictions shared by his spirit guides, and ways to enhance one's personal life. His "Gentle Way" method involves asking out loud for the "most benevolent outcome" for anything that you need-- from a good parking spot to more important issues. This technique can also be extended to help others, he noted. According to Moore, he's lived 180 lives on Atlantis, and 65 lives on Lemuria (the civilization before Atlantis). Much larger than an island, Atlantis was around the size of Australia, and stretched from Newfoundland to Miami in the Atlantic ocean, he detailed.

Each person on Earth has twelve parallel lives going on at the same time, he stated, which play out over twelve different timelines that are broken down into four frequencies. He suggested that the Mandela Effect is due to a crossing with timeline #4 (we currently occupy timeline #6). Moore described how he channels or speaks with Theo, his guardian angel, and Gaia, the soul of the Earth, and can ask them any specific question including future probabilities. They foresee a 71% chance for a major volcanic eruption at Yellowstone in the next five years, which will lead to a cooling trend. If Japan has a quake similar to Fukushima again, then that will be a precursor to huge quake on the West Coast of the US following the Japanese earthquake within two weeks, he cited. For more of Moore's channeled predictions, view his newsletter archive.

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