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Crop Circle Prediction

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Filmmaker William Gazecki joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss the fascinating and peculiar events surrounding Dutch medium Robbert Van Den Broeke, who Gazecki believes has a connection to the intelligences behind the crop circle phenomenon (related video). According to Gazecki, Robbert is the only person in the world to predict the appearance of a crop circle. "He's been able to predict, I think, over a hundred formations appearing," Gazecki revealed, noting he personally witnessed Robbert predict one formation that was the largest of its kind ever to appear in the Netherlands.

"He can predict crop circles, and he has... a relationship with the balls of light and the crop circle makers, the intelligences that create these things," Gazecki continued. He reported on his first time meeting Robbert and watching with great curiosity as he snapped photos of an empty corner. Robbert disclosed he was connected to a spirit being named Aaron that Gazecki had known in life and who had passed from bladder cancer. Part of the series of photos showed a cloudy anomaly coalesce into a clear image of Aaron, Gazecki admitted.

Gazecki recalled a rather surprising event involving Robbert and some medicine he had picked up and placed into a cupboard. "They came down the next morning, opened up the cabinet, and the medicines were incinerated... turned into charcoal," he explained, pointing out how nothing else in the cabinet had been burned-it was only Robbert's medication. They bought more medicine and within 20 minutes it was also reduced to ash, Gazecki added. "It's an interdimensional intelligence that... has the ability to come into our world and make certain things happen the way they want them to," he said.

Gazecki also spoke about his music recording career, collaborating with legendary record producer Paul A. Rothchild on The Rose soundtrack with Bette Midler and two albums for The Doors.

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