What really happened to Hitler?

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What really happened to Hitler?

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The History Channel's "Hunting Hitler" has been examining the true fate of the most reprehensible mass murderer of the 20th century. Author Peter Levenda has been doing the same thing for years. Levenda joined guest host Ian Punnett on Coast in 2012 for an examination of this very topic, and he joined him once again to revisit the truth behind Hitler's "death," and what really happened to him in the waning days of WWII and after.

Levenda identified issues with the official story about Hitler's suicide in the bunker under his headquarters in Berlin. Tests run by scientist Nick Bellantoni on a skull fragment with a bullet hole supposedly found in the bunker and purported to belong to Hitler show definitively it came from an unknown woman, and not the German leader, Levenda reported. There is no forensic evidence Hitler died in that bunker, he added. So, if Hitler didn't die in the bunker on April 30, 1945, what happened to him?

Levenda has uncovered evidence Hitler and other high-level Nazis survived and escaped Germany to other parts of the world. "I've saw enough... including the passports that really satisfied me once and for all that we are dealing with Nazi war criminals who had escaped the cordon that was setup around them," he said. According to Levenda, Hitler and Eva Braun spent several years in Europe after the war before traveling under assumed identities to Indonesia. Hitler and Eva Braun used the papers of Dr. Georg Anton Poch and his wife to escape to a remote island in Indonesia, he suggested. The cemetery where Dr. Poch is buried is acknowledge locally as the burial place of Hitler, Levenda noted.

Life On Mars

Evidence of alien life is being covered up by NASA, according to scientist Barry DiGregorio. In the first hour, DiGregorio discussed what NASA knows about life on Mars but is keeping from the public (related link). "Without a doubt NASA knows that there is living microorganisms in the soil [of Mars]," he said, revealing how at least seven experiments conducted in 1976 showed microbial activity in the Viking mission instruments. According to DiGregorio, NASA has known life existed on the Red Planet but has chosen to ignore it for the last four decades.

He also spoke about how terrestrial Earth microbes could mutate into virulent strains in space. "You could start off with something that isn't infectious and end up with a disease-causing microbe by the time you reach your destination," DiGregorio suggested.

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