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Date Host Ian Punnett
Guests Vernon Mahabal, Open Lines

Vernon Mahabal, founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, joined guest host Ian Punnett to discuss palmistry and its connection to astrology. "A palmistry reading is an astrological reading, it's just that it's on our hands, and the Western world is not really that conversant with this understanding," Mahabal said. Most [Western] astrologers do not know palmistry is an astrological science, he noted.

Mahabal explained how at birth a planetary snapshot is captured by the eternal soul and sent into the hands via the agency of the brain, and why the lines of the palm are not as important as the dermatoglyphics patterns. "A qualified palmist actually can look at these dermatoglyphics that are scattered throughout the hand and ascertain what planets are in which houses and in which signs," he revealed, adding such a reading should be as accurate as one from an astrologer.

The hands express one's identity, personality, and life's purpose, he continued. According to Mahabal, the mission of palmistry is to help people understand and overcome challenges from previous lives, as well as how to capitalize on talents and abilities learned during past life experiences. The ultimate goal is self-realization, he added. Mahabal also read photos of Ian's palm, pointing out an interesting square-shaped sign under his right index finger (the Jupiter finger) which is indicative of someone who assimilates knowledge and gives it out in some way.

The remainder of the program featured Open Lines.

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