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Rife Machines/ Shadow Entities

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In the first half, private investigator specializing in electronic countermeasures, Roger Tolces, was joined by renowned expert in Rife technology, Jeff Garf, to discuss the Rife machine that uses electrical frequencies to promote healing. Recounting some of the details of the American inventor Royal Rife's (1888-1971) life and work, Garf said that his first device was able to kill E. coli. Over the years, he modified his equipment, which was designed to use beamed rays or waves at specific frequencies to weaken or destroy disease-causing pathogens. Tolces noted that Rife also built sophisticated microscopes (in the 1920s) in which he was able to view the effects of his treatments on specific cells.

In the 1930s, a medical clinic was using Rife machines to treat cancer and tuberculosis patients, Garf cited, and eventually a machine was sold directly to doctors in the late 1930s. When the AMA and pharmaceutical "cartel" started to get into power, said Tolces, they took Rife to court, and destroyed his machines and lab. Garf initially used a small Rife-styled machine to successfully treat himself for hepatitis, and within a few hours, he started feeling better, though it took ten days to recover fully. Rife machines are not necessarily a "magic bullet" conceded Garf, but they can be quite successful at treating certain things. A lot of Rife's thinking, the two concurred, had to do with pleomorphism, the ability of pathogens to change shape or size over time. Rife was said to be able to predict a disease someone might come down within 10 years just by looking at their cells.


In the latter half, author and expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, discussed these dark supernatural figures that she believes menace people globally, and seem to be on the rise. Shadow People are dark entities that can shape-shift into a variety of amorphous forms, some of which resemble humans, she suggested, and one of their actions is to lay on people and paralyze them. She differentiates this experience from sleep paralysis because of the specificity of the beings, described similarly from people around the world. The Hat Man, she continued, is a suit-clad male who wears a hat like a fedora, and can have a jagged smile like the clown from It. Both the Hat Man and Shadow beings are demonic in nature and not the ghosts of the deceased, she clarified.

Hat Man is usually seen with his hands in his pocket, reported Hollis, but lately she's been hearing accounts of him pulling out his hands to reveal "enormous claws for fingers" that he sometimes uses to attack people. The Shadow entities seem to both create and feed on negative energy in an environment, she's concluded. Hollis also talked about the 'Creepypasta' Internet meme of Slenderman, a fictional supernatural character drawn by Eric Knudsen. She thinks he was likely "inspired by these reports of what I named the Hat Man." Chillingly, the Wisconsin teenagers who stabbed their friend-- supposedly to please Slenderman-- perhaps were having encounters with Hat Man, Hollis remarked. She shared various methods to protect oneself against these entities, such as through prayer and blessing one's home.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Dr. Gary Ridenour

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