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Detecting Deception/ Dream Insights

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In the first half, statement analyst, instructor and author, Peter Hyatt discussed the scientific process by which deception is detected, and how this can be used for analysis in many prominent criminal cases, as well as to evaluate those we come into contact with. People rarely ever lie outright, he cited, rather it's the withholding of information that is the main form of deception. Everyone has a dictionary in their heads and chooses their words quickly in response to a question, but when a person wants to be deceptive their word selection process is disrupted, and their reply may take longer, he explained. The brain avoids a direct confrontational lie, he added, such as by dropping the pronoun "I" in response to a question.

Statement Analysis, which is used by law enforcement, intelligence, and military, works by carefully looking at a person's words instead of their emotions, he continued. Politicians and those in the military practice a certain amount of verbal deception that's seemingly built into their careers. President Trump, for instance, is deceptive all the time in the sense that he uses the "language of a negotiator" and typically overshoots by 25% or undershoots by 25%, Hyatt remarked. In studying audio of the Apollo moon landing, he found a level of deception that indicated important information was being withheld. In the JonBenet Ramsey case, he believes there was deception in the responses of her parents, John and Patsy, during intitial interviews.


In the latter half, dream expert Layne Dalfen showed how to recognize metaphors in dreams, as well as gain valuable insights into hidden truths, and solutions to problems. "The dream," she said, "is actually the conversation that you're having with yourself concerning a very specific current issue in your life that you are attempting to problem solve this week." If you understand the language of the dream, she continued, "it gives you power, comfort, and flexibility" in how you decide to react to a person or situation in your waking life.

She uses various points of entry for decoding the meaning of a dream, including the feeling and action taking place in the dream, and how they relate to what's currently going on in a person's life. A person or situation from your past may be pulled up in a dream to magnify or serve as an example of issues or feelings that are presently of concern, Dalfen outlined. Disturbing figures or animals in a dream such as a rhinoceros can represent power that is missing in someone's life, and she recommends moving closer and exploring these "shadow" aspects during one's dreams.

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