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UFO/ET Contact/ Parallel World

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Peter Maxwell Slattery is an author and experiencer, having witnessed hundreds of events involving UFOs and otherworldly beings. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his photographic and video evidence of unknown aerial phenomena, and his most recent sightings from August 2018 at James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch (related videos). "It's just amazing the activity that you have [there], around the mountain, on the mountain... you've just got to see it to believe it," he said.

Slattery, who has had sightings and experiences since he was a young boy, claims to receive messages in his own thought patterns from whoever is piloting the UFOs. "I would go outside, and I just knew there would be a craft outside right above me," he revealed. Slattery reported on the time he witnessed a classic saucer-shaped UFO during the day on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. The craft was on a 45-degree tilt, remained in place for a moment, then was a few hundred feet away the next second before returning instantly to where it started, he recalled. According to Slattery, UFO activity takes place everywhere, but there are points on Earth, such as ECETI Ranch, where the activity is higher.

He also commented on sets of large footprints recently found at ECETI Ranch that appear to belong to Bigfoot. Jimmy Church, who was also on Gilliland's property when the prints were found, estimated them to be 18- to 20-inches long and embedded about two inches deep into the ground. Slattery described seeing the creature momentarily manifest. "This thing had grey and dark brown hair all over it, and I watched it probably walk about probably 12 to 15 feet, then it completely blinked out," he said, noting it was his third experience seeing Bigfoot at the Ranch.


During the latter half of the program, author Laura C. Cantu talked about her book, Betwixters, as well as detailed her journey to a parallel world. Cantu recounted how the universe presented in Betwixters downloaded into her and she could not help but write about it. "I promised to tell [the story] to help bring awareness to what's actually going on between the realms and the beings that are trying to help us so that we can actually learn to help ourselves," she said. Cantu revealed she has 14 additional books planned and continues to receive new information. The goal of her stories is to help readers learn to travel between the inner realm (nature beings), earth realm (humans), and bellwether realm (alien or angelic/demonic) to help re-establish balance, she explained.

Cantu described her frightening and unexpected excursion into another dimension, which began after she went to bed and tuned into a sound that had been over her house for the entire day. She awoke to see light flooding into a window and got up to find she was staring out at the Earth from a different planet or craft. According to Cantu, everything that followed took place while she was fully awake. She admitted noticing differences between her reality and the new world, where her dogs no longer existed, her car was a black Jeep that drove itself, and she worked at a place called Civil Service Station. "It was a parallel life that I'm currently living, and that somehow I ended up in that body," she suggested.

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