Understanding Alien Contact/ Pascagoula Encounter

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Understanding Alien Contact/ Pascagoula Encounter

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For five years, the Foundation For Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) surveyed over 4,200 individuals from over 100 countries. The findings from these "experiencers" contradict many assumptions of mainstream UFO study. In the first half, researchers Rey Hernandez and Dr. Rudy Schild joined George Knapp to discuss a new view of the contact scenario, arguing that consciousness, the paranormal, and psychic aspects of this phenomenon are the key to understanding as opposed to the traditional materialist perspective of "nuts and bolts" ufology. Hernandez began by stating that, as far as their findings are concerned, various paranormal phenomena are connected by "one phenomenon that is commonly called consciousness." He described his own unusual 2012 experience with a "light being" that apparently healed the family pet of paralysis.

Schild continued with a scientific perspective and stated that there are "coherence phenomena in the quantum world" which explain the principles behind such things as astrology. In other words, large-scale events like the movements of the planets may have small-scale effects such as affecting our moods. Based on their survey of anomalous experiencers, Schild also said that contrary to the popular concept of UFO close encounters and abductions, that "many people found it a positive and transformative experience" and that only one-third of respondents reported the classic abduction scenario. Hernandez pointed out that the survey showed that, for a majority of those with multiple contacts, "the experience actually changed over time" and became more positive. Schild concluded that "things are being revealed to us and we will increasingly get answers." Related image.


In the second half, Calvin Parker detailed his legendary abduction/ encounter and why he has largely remained in the background without ever revealing the full account of what happened that fateful night. Parker said that now is the "time for me to get out and talk about it." On October 11th, 1973, nineteen-year-old Parker and his friend Charles Hickson were spending an evening fishing in Mississippi. Both men were startled when a strange craft descended and hovered a few feet above the ground. Before they had any chance to run, an opening appeared in the craft and out ‘floated’ three humanoid creatures. Parker recalled that they grabbed the two men with "hands" that looked like "kid’s mittens." He and Hickson endured a sort of medical examination and were deposited back on the river’s edge.

They were soon in the local sheriff’s office and extensively questioned as well as surreptitiously recorded to determine if the men were lying. Parker said he realized that the officers believed them when they saw how frightened they appeared. The next day, they were taken to the local Air Force base and checked for radiation, then questioned again. The publicity associated with the event made it impossible to hold down a job. For years, Parker ran away from the publicity, although he did describe once meeting Betty Hill, one of the most famous UFO abductees of all, because he wanted to find out "how she handled it." Parker also reveled a lifetime of repeated contacts with some sort of female being. More info.

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