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In the first half, decorated fighter pilot and acclaimed aviation historian, Dan Hampton discussed the extraordinary true story of the quest for Mach 1 and the twenty-four-year-old Captain Chuck Yeager, who made history flying the futuristic Bell X-1 faster than the speed of sound in October 1947. Depending on the temperature, traveling faster than sound is around 741 mph, he cited, and during this era, it was an important strategic milestone. Being able to deliver a nuclear weapon at this supersonic speed, he noted, acted as a powerful deterrent to those who might try to instigate a new world war. The transonic region before and after the sound barrier was particularly dangerous for test pilots, he added.

The United States' current fighter jets rank much better than other countries, he assessed, and American military pilots have superior training. Hampton admitted to seeing strange objects in the skies while flying. One night in a flight over the Atlantic, he witnessed an odd green object going across the sky that was 15 to 20,000 ft. above them. Regarding the MH-370 mystery, he concluded that one of the two pilots was behind the plane's disappearance. One of the pilots may have instigated the process while the other was using the bathroom, he theorized, and since he was on a separate oxygen system, he could have depressurized the back of the plane, causing the passengers to go to sleep and then die.


In the latter half, medium and intuition expert Susanne Wilson revealed how some of her spirit guides could be considered ETs, and talked about her experiments with EVPs. "I really do believe that every single person has their own spiritual team," including guides that have not ever lived on the Earth, she stated. We typically have one 'master' spirit guide that stays with us from birth to death (and in between lives), but "your other guides will come and go for a season or a reason" depending on what you're going through in your life, she explained.

One of Wilson's guides first appeared to her as a child. She described him as a tall blue-skinned entity wearing armor, who gave her strength, and she thought of him as a "peaceful warrior." Later, she realized he hailed from another dimension, planet, or vibration, and never incarnated on Earth. Speaking of her experiment exploring spirit voices with the Institute for Advanced Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), she reported unexpected results. Strange musical sounds came through her computer that contained hidden EVPs saying things like "We see Earth" and "This is a contact from another world." Sonia Rinaldi with ITC will be presenting recordings on this and other experiments at the upcoming Afterlife Symposium, where Susanne Wilson and George Noory will also be featured.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Mish Shedlock

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