Ufology & Music

Ufology & Music


HostJimmy Church

GuestsDonny Arcade, Open Lines

Rapper/producer Donny Arcade is a self-proclaimed ufologist whose music speaks of ancient history and futuristic themes. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his latest album, Return of Enki, and his fascination with the unknown. Arcade admitted he seeks to bring awareness about consciousness, conspiracies, and lost history through his music, though lyrical content is never the first consideration. "I think conscious music should be a more mainstream tool to be able to spread knowledge," he said, noting how the frequency of the music must come before the message. "That music has to catch you," Arcade added.

He commented on the state of ‘wokeness,’ especially among the younger generations who he sees as more advanced. Perhaps they are older souls reincarnated, Arcade suggested. Over the past decade the Internet has provided tools to inspire and open minds, and is likely why so many seem knowledgeable about esoteric subject matter, he explained. "I think if there's anything else out there to communicate with us they will have to give us clues or steps to get into the right direction," he noted.

Arcade shared why he believes we should be considered aliens. If there is something out that doesn't know about us, then we are aliens to them, he conjectured. "I think we are all aliens," he disclosed. Arcade also reported on his experience playing a gang member in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, why he's skeptical about the extraterrestrial origins of UFOs, and what it could mean with President Trump setting up a Space Force. "They already know there's something out there," Arcade stated.

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.


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