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In the first half, comedy writer (and performer), and one of only two writers associated with both Seinfeld and Cheers, Andy Cowan, joined George Noory to share his insights on Hollywood film and TV as well as his thoughts on the history and future of comedy and television. In the 1980s, he served as the talent coordinator on the Merv Griffin show and did pre-interviews with many of the guests including legends like Orson Welles. Interestingly, he said that Don Rickles was very sweet and appreciative when he was backstage, but when he went live he turned on his 'insult comic' act. Cowan occasionally performed on the Griffin show, such as doing a set as Frank Sinatra singing popular songs of the 1982 era like "Macho Man" and "Whip It."

Cowan has always aspired toward cleverness in his comedy, and named some of his biggest influences-- Albert Brooks, Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Martin Short, David Letterman, Gary Shandling, and Richard Pryor. Abbott & Costello were actually a significant influence on Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld in the silly, manic sensibility of how characters would run into each on Seinfeld, he observed. Comedy writing is instinctive, and a sense of humor is subjective, so you shouldn't get too caught up in trying to appeal or appease someone else's sensibility, he advised. Currently, he is working on "The Lost Sessions of Andy Cowan," a comedy docuseries about therapy.


As a troubled teenager, Tamara Laroux saw no way out. Desperate for her pain to end, she did the unthinkable and attempted to take her own life with a gun. In the latter half, she recalled what she experienced during her near death and why she believes the place of vast darkness and torment was actually Hell. The bullet missed her heart by just a ¼ of an inch, and she was taken to a hospital. Around this time, she felt her soul separate from her body, traveling faster than the speed of light and spiraling downwards. "All of a sudden, I erupted in this incredible explosion of pain," she said, describing a fierce torture that felt like a sulfuric burning. "I knew," she continued, "that I landed in the bottomless pit of Hell."

When she looked around, she saw thousands of people like her, screaming in agony and pain. Laroux realized she wasn't there because of the suicide attempt, but because of her "sinful state" of being separated from God. "In the absence of God," she was transformed into a "complete being of fear." She was unable to communicate with the other denizens of Hell, but could sense their pain, and was also aware of a many-headed demon near her that radiated an intense amount of fear. She felt regret that she didn't make Jesus her lord and savior and then a "white cloud of glory" came close to her and a massive hand reached down and picked her up. Instantly, she was immersed in love and traveled into the heavenly realms. "It was like I was being cleansed," she recounted, "and I came into unity with the holy spirit of love...and it showed me the purpose of life."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Cal Orey


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