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Time Travel/ Fairy Lore & Changelings

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Professor of theoretical physics, Ronald Mallett's breakthrough research on time travel has been featured extensively in the media. In the first half, he gave updates on time travel, the centennial celebration of Einstein's general theory of relativity, and various topics in science and physics. His quest for a time machine was fueled by the death of his father when he was just ten years old. At age 11, he read the H.G. Wells book, The Time Machine, which stimulated his idea to go back in time and see his father again and "maybe tell him what was going to happen and save his life."

In his physics work, he solved Einstein's gravitational field equations for a circulating beam of laser light which could cause a loop in time. If this technology was fully realized, it could potentially enable trips back to the past, he suggested. The Large Hadron Collider, he noted, is already in a sense sending subatomic particles into the future, as their internal clocks are slowed down. Mallett is anticipating that a feature film about his quest for time travel (soon to be announced, he hopes) will garner publicity for the project, which would ultimately be quite costly to test and develop. Should time travel actually come to pass, the machinery will be very large scale, and have to be regulated and controlled by government, he indicated.


Author Joshua Cutchin has had a longstanding interest in Forteana. In the latter half, he discussed northern European fairy lore, supernatural child abductions, and changelings. In medieval times and beyond, it was believed in places such as Ireland that fairies could steal a human child and swap it out for one for one of their own. These suspect children were referred to as changelings. Cutchin surmises that in many cases these children might have been born with disabilities or mental conditions that placed them under suspicion, and yet there could have been genuine supernatural aspects in some instances.

Delineating connections between Celtic fairy lore and alien abduction, he cited the shorter stature size of both fairies and aliens, as well as how a taller fairy queen matched a taller alien creature often witnessed by abductees during their examinations onboard a UFO. Further, the sickly or gaunt quality of alien hybrids compares with the descriptions of some of the changelings, he added. Interestingly, lore of the jinns of Middle East and certain Native American creatures bear a lot of resemblances to tales of fairies and their sinister antics, Cutchin pointed out. Also, he has found curious similarities in fairy abductions to some of the details David Paulides has reported in mysterious disappearance cases, such as berry picking, inclement weather, and the vanished person wearing bright colors.

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