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Self-Defense/ Psychic Dowsing

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In the first half, President of the Intl. Combat Martial Arts Federation, Bradley Steiner, discussed the threat of violence and personal assaults in the US and what the average person needs to know about technical/tactical readiness. "Avoidance is self-defense technique #1," he pointed out. For instance, if you see a group of suspicious individuals coming toward you, he suggested crossing to the other side of the street, and in the case of an elevator, wait for the next one if the person entering with you seems sketchy. Situational awareness is a key factor, he noted, and it's critical to be cognizant of your surroundings, and not be distracted by things like texting, which function as cues to a would-be criminal.

During a stick-up, Steiner would hand over his wallet to a person with a gun, and then quickly move away. But in an instance where a stranger is trying to abduct you, the targeted person should resist as much as possible and make a lot of noise, he advised. Children, he emphasized, should resist violently and loudly. Mace and pepper spray are not reliable in fending off an attack, he remarked, adding that a person would be better off training to carry a gun, or in lieu of that stashing a homemade blackjack such as a padlock wrapped in a handkerchief in their back pocket.


Dan Baldwin has invested more than fifteen years using his skills as a pendulum dowser to locate missing persons and is considered an expert in the field. He has worked with law enforcement on several high profile cases with astounding results. He outlined how he uses the pendulum as a tool for his psychic detective work. To glean information from the pendulum, he asks a series of yes and no questions-- for him, the pendulum moves to the right for "yes" answers, and to the left for "no." Sometimes his sessions can be rather time-consuming as he winnows down the possibilities.

Baldwin considers the answers to be coming from a "higher power" which communicates with the subconscious mind in directing the hand's movement on the pendulum. Before beginning a session, he meditates and performs a psychic protection visualization to remove any negative influences. In one case with a missing hitchhiker, he managed to ascertain the name of the motel where the person could be found, but the police ended up going to motel on the other side of the highway. Sometimes Baldwin gets a "crossed wire," such as when he provided highly specific information in a Texas kidnapping case, but it turned out to be all wrong. He later learned that the information that came to him actually applied to a similar incident in New Mexico.

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