Skinwalker Ranch Phenomena/ WTC Demolitons

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Skinwalker Ranch Phenomena/ WTC Demolitons

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In the first half, investigative journalist George Knapp and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell discussed the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, home of a myriad of frightening, seemingly supernatural events that have been reported in the scenic basin surrounding the property for hundreds of years. Incidents and sightings include orbs, UFOs, animal mutilations, unknown creatures, poltergeist-type activity, and other inexplicable events. Knapp recounted how in the 1990s, the Sherman family sold the plagued ranch to Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), which conducted research on the property for a number of years. Through a separate organization, AAITP, Bigelow received funds from the Pentagon to study UFOs (as revealed in 2017), and some of this work took place at the Skinwalker Ranch. Bur recently, Bigelow sold the ranch to a new group that is conducting fresh scientific studies there, Knapp reported.

Interviews with the current owners of the ranch are featured in his new documentary (view trailer), said Corbell, as well as video footage Knapp had shot with TV crews during his investigations there going back years. Knapp recalled how during the early 90s, "the rancher on the property had seen these giant orange holes in the sky," and on the other side was another sky where it was a different time of day and "occasionally things would fly in and out," with the objects seemingly coming from another dimension or reality. The phenomena, Knapp continued, seem to be intelligent, and are perhaps conveying the idea that "reality is different than how we perceive it. We need to start thinking about it in a different way."


In the latter half, architect Richard Gage, the founding member of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, talked about the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises on 9-11, and how there is solid evidence for explosive controlled demolition of the buildings. The government has maintained that fires from the crashed planes brought the buildings down, but "the facts," he said, "completely undermine that official narrative," and his group is demanding a new investigation, through the proposed Bobby McIlvaine Act, named after a 26-year-old who was killed by an explosion while entering the North Tower.

Gage specifically shared evidence that Building 7 was brought down by explosives: "We have maybe a dozen witnesses that heard explosions and then immediately the penthouse collapses on this building and then six seconds later the entire building suddenly drops as fast as a bowling ball." This is incredible, he cited, "because this building had 40,000 tons of structural steel in it, 3-5 times stronger than it needed to be to support this material." While there were fires in the building earlier, they were not hot enough to do this kind of damage, he added. Interestingly, Gage disagrees with Dr. Judy Wood's assertion that directed energy weapons were used in the towers' destruction. While there was a lot of unusual phenomena, he believes there was no evidence for this kind of technology.

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