9-11 Conspiracy/ Microdosing & Psychedelics

9-11 Conspiracy/ Microdosing & Psychedelics


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRebekah Roth, Thomas Hatsis

After a nearly thirty-year airline career working as both a flight attendant and an international purser, Rebekah Roth has been analyzing many of the well-known facts about the events on 9-11 based on her experiences in the airline industry. In the first half, she presented her conclusions, as well as info from insiders who have shared new details with her. "I know that all four planes landed because we have eyewitnesses," she said, adding that the jets were placed in hangars at an evacuated military base. The plan, she pointed out, bears similarities to Operation Northwoods, a 'false flag' proposal developed by the US Dept. of Defense in 1962 (but never used) to incite a war against Cuba.

She suggested that hologram technology was deployed to make it seem like jetliners were hitting the targets when it was actually laser-guided missiles. Regarding the passengers on the airliners, some of them were part of the hoax, while others were most likely gassed and then cremated, she asserted, adding that three DC-9 Medevac planes flew into Andrews AFB and may have been used to remove the bodies. Roth further suggested that covert technology like frequency weapons or directed energy could have brought down the Towers. She portrayed her series of 'Methodical' novels as a way to get the truth out, even though they're in fictional form. For more, view a recap of her 2015 show appearance.


With a master’s degree in history from Queens College, Thomas Hatsis is a historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia, and medieval pharmacopeia. In the latter half, he explored the new trend of microdosing, as well as how psychedelics and psychoactive plants have been used throughout the ages. "Microdosing," he said, "is the practice of taking milligrams of natural and synthetic medicines for a variety of...mind/body health reasons," including for relieving depression, improving memory and cognitive functions, and enhancing creativity. The technique of taking very small daily doses of such things as LSD and psilocybin has gained popularity among the Silicon Valley set, and has been found to strengthen the brain's myelin sheath around nerve cells, he cited.

Hatsis recounted the tale of Matteuccia di Francesco, a wise 15th-century witch who helped abused women by giving them psychoactive potions to reduce violence by their husbands. In one of the earliest witch trials, she was found guilty of sorcery and burned at the stake. He also talked about his process of trying to win a Guinness World Record for magic by placing a spell over the entire United States. When he originally submitted this to Guinness two years ago, they said he didn't have enough evidence, so this year he is thoroughly documenting his healing ritual across America. It's a Kabbalistic spell, he explained, aligning and bringing together aspects of land, community, friends, family, and the self.

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