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Military & Leadership/ QAnon Revelations

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Founders of the leadership firm, Echelon Front, Jocko Willink & Leif Babin led the most highly-decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War. Their writings have shared lessons learned in some of the toughest of environments. In the first half, they discussed stories from combat and experience, illustrating leadership lessons that can apply to every walk of life. Babin outlined the "extreme ownership" principle--- "the idea that leaders have to own everything in their world; there's no one to blame; there's no excuses." He also cited "four laws of combat" that apply not only to the battlefield but to any team that works together.

The biggest thing leaders need to exhibit is humility, and being open to areas where they can improve, Babin continued. Willink talked about leaders finding the right balance to the extent they become friends and socialize with their subordinates. He advised leaders to be a little more distant at the beginning and grow closer to workers over time in a controlled manner. Leaders, Willink added, can be more effective if they are open to collaboration and coming up with the best ideas, rather than seeking to surround themselves in an echo chamber of "yes men." The two also talked about their missions as Navy SEALS, and various combat situations they faced such as in Iraq.


Michael Salla is a pioneer in the development of exopolitics and has exposed US government policies on ET life. In the latter half, he spoke about the rise of "QAnon," a series of anonymous postings on Internet forums such as 4chan that began in October 2017. Q claimed to be a government insider and have access to the Trump White House, even being close to Donald Trump himself, said Salla. There are photos in the postings such as of Trump's office on Air Force One, and inside the Oval Room, he continued, which support the idea that "QAnon is actually military intelligence working within the White House to...leak information that helps promote the Trump agenda" and counteract the 'Deep State' leaks serving the opposite goal.

One question posted to Q dealt with Roswell and whether humans are alone. The reply was "No" and the phrase "Highest classification" to seemingly refer to Roswell. Salla views this as the beginning efforts for a kind of disclosure of government secrecy around UFOs/ETs. One theory is that Trump himself is making some of the Q posts, as there is some synchronicity between them and his tweets. Callers raised the issue of QAnon spreading false information, and how the forum was recently banned from Reddit for inciting violence and harassment. Salla said he did not personally see objectionable material from Q on Reddit, and believes there is a 'Deep State' effort to quash free thought.

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