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Earthbound Spirits

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Real-life ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski discussed her work with earthbound spirits and negative energy (curses). "I could probably go to three funerals a day, seven days a week, that's how many people want to talk to their loved one for the last time," she said, noting the deceased are often located near the casket where their families are gathered. According to Winkowski, funeral spirits are nosey and travel around the room to hear what attendees are saying about them.

She shared an account of a deceased man who told her his brother was attempting to rob his gun cabinet while everyone was gathered at the memorial service. "[Earthbound spirits] definitely know that they're dead," Winkowski continued, adding some are sad because they think they will not be able to see their families after they cross over. Once a spirit enters into the light, however, it can go back and forth, she explained.

Winkowski revealed how easy it is to put negative energy on someone. An individual can know they are cursed if his or her health, money, and/or relationships have been recently and negatively impacted. The cursed cannot remove negative energy from themselves but anyone else can remove it for them, she disclosed. They do not have to believe either, just go through the ritual, Winkowski added. She also talked about how spirits that have crossed over can visit in dreams, and the years she was a consultant on the TV show Ghost Whisperer.

Open Lines followed in the latter part of the show. The final half-hour was a replay of Art Rosengarten talking about how to use Tarot for life.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis / Cal Orey / Tim Binnall

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