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Horror Films/ Mystical Mindsets

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Mr. Lobo is an American artist and horror host. In the first half, he discussed the many horror films that through the years have proven to be staples in the categories of horror, creepy, and the strange. He admitted that the famous (and famous for being terrible) movie "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is still one of his "guilty pleasures." George and Lobo marveled at the ages of some of the more classic horror films such as The Shining (1980) and the original Halloween (1978) in which Mr. Lobo recalled that the killer wore a "William Shatner Star Trek mask" that was painted white. He also pointed out that "there was hardly a drop of blood" in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, and that most of the suspense was psychological.

Lobo said he believes that people continue to like horror films because they are like "a rollercoaster" that "make you forget the horrors of real life" for a little while. He also observed that most horror is now watched by women because he believes that the male audience has gone over to video games. As a result, he sees a growing trend of female heroines rising in the genre. As an example of modern horror that Lobo thinks is living up to the true spirit of scary films, he singled out the Conjuring series. He believes that the lower the budget of a horror film, the better the product, observing that, ‪"if you put too much money into it, it’s going to stop the surprise."


Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., is a social anthropologist, writer, and speaker who has been a leader in the field of consciousness studies for more than three decades. Based on numerous studies, she believes that near-death and noetic experiences move people from a strictly materialistic view of their existence to one that has spiritual or mystical dimensions. She said that she began as "a rebellious kid" and partially as a result, was involved in a motorcycle accident when she was a teenager, during which she experienced her consciousness seeming to leave her body for a time. This led her to study the idea that there are more aspects of our human experience than the physical. Eventually, she earned a degree in cultural anthropology and became President Emeritus at Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Schlitz described studies on reincarnation which showed that children who claimed past lives had recalled details of the lives of those whom they have never met, and indeed, sometimes show evidence of birthmarks corresponding to wounds supposedly received in their previous life. One boy reportedly was born with marks on his body where the person he claimed he had been before sustained wounds when he was shot and killed. The man’s family was later found and confirmed the story. Schlitz pointed out that we are basically trapped in our worldviews and that "we can’t see things that lie outside of our exceptions." In conclusion, with all the evidence that has been collected for anomalous experiences, Schiltz believes the best evidence remains personal experience.

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