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Robotics & AI/ Ghost Photography & Entities

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Byron Reese is the CEO and publisher of the technology research company Gigaom. In the first half, he discussed how we are approaching a great turning point in history when AI and robotics will redefine what it means to be human. Concern about robots taking over many of our jobs is actually misplaced, he said, as they are not ideal for most kinds of work. Instead, robots are best suited to tasks that increase our productivity, and we are all better off for it, he remarked. And even though a lot of factory work has become automated, we haven't seen the unemployment rates drop, Reese cited.

There are positive and negative aspects to artificial intelligence. Data collection and machine learning have made tasks possible that couldn't have been done in the past. While this is good news for collecting data that helps identify cancer, said Reese, AI can also be used in ways that are invasive to privacy such as tracking people and making transcripts of their phone calls. Combat increasingly using drones and not risking the lives of soldiers may "lower the political cost of war," which is not necessarily a good thing, Reese admits, though he is generally bullish on the prospects of what he calls the "fourth age" as robotics and AI reach their ascendancy. He foresees the end of all "technical" problems, including disease and hunger around the world.


Chief Data Strategist at 20th Century Fox, Julie Rieger is responsible for marketing such notable films as "Avatar" and "Deadpool." In the latter half, she talked about how after the devastating loss of her mother, she captured her first ghost in a photograph and blew open the door to the Other Side, with increasing clairvoyance, and spirit guide contacts. Her world of Hollywood make-believe had suddenly become her reality. For instance, one day when she was stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway, she heard a voice warning her of an impending accident and to keep both hands on the wheel. Moments later, there was a collision just in front of her, and because she was prepared, she was able to avoid being part of it.

In her photos (view sample images), she discovered when burning sage that smoke was actually an excellent canvas for ghosts to appear, and they would "pull the smoke around them" to show their shape or form. For ghost photography she uses her iPhone, and suggested keeping an eye out for the colors purple and green, shooting into glass and reflections, and working with negative images, which sometimes reveal additional information. Rieger also talked about darker entities associated with sleep paralysis such as the 'Hat Man.' She believes that such interactions may occur when someone becomes misaligned from the astral realms as they're coming out of the dreaming state. These negative beings can generally be dispelled by calling on the archangel Michael, or strongly asserting dominance over them, she advised, adding that the stone, black tourmaline, has a strong protective quality.

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