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Paranormal Investigations/ WWII Ghosts

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In the first half, expert on paranormal phenomena Joshua P. Warren spoke about such topics as his discovery of an apparent "time warp" near Las Vegas, the Psychomanteum, used to communicate with the dead, and Robert the Haunted Doll. The Psychomanteum, invented by Raymond Moody, is a small dimly lit room or chamber that contains a mirror in which a person may see images of the departed. "There's something about mirrors that magnifies ghostly and spiritual phenomena," Warren noted, adding that gazing into a reflective surface can act as a portal. People have reported seeing full-bodied apparitions in Moody's Psychomanteum, he marveled.

Regarding his finding of a "time warp" anomaly near Area 51, Warren suspects he may have stumbled upon covert exotic technology or weaponry being tested in Nevada. Sharing an update on Robert the Haunted Doll (exhibited at a museum in Key West), he believes the doll is more at peace, as people now treat him respectfully. This was after tales of curses gained notoriety when visitors had streaks of bad luck or unpleasant paranormal events after they reportedly said rude things to the doll. Joshua, who will be doing a live event in Los Angeles this Saturday, also talked about anomalous balls of light seen in the mountains of North Carolina, and the electromagnetic connection to the paranormal.


In the latter half, research writer at Penn State and journalist, Matthew Swayne, discussed the paranormal legacy of the Second World War, spread out across the land, seas, and skies, including unexplained phenomena in the European and Pacific theaters as well as locations in the US. In Okinawa, a group of civilians committed suicide en masse by jumping off cliffs right after the American invasion. Years later, tourists were at a peace museum near the cliffs, and as they walked around the grounds, they described hearing what sounded like a herd of footsteps moving past them. Then, they felt a kind of wind drift by, and later heard cries and screams, Swayne recounted.

One of the more bizarre ghost stories he uncovered concerned sightings of Nazi General Erwin Rommel in the United States such as at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Virginia, where people claimed to see a figure in a long trench coat looking over the graves. There was a rumor, Swayne explained, that Rommel and some other generals secretly traveled to the US to visit Civil War battlefield sites to gain military insight. He also talked about "ghost plane" sightings such as in the UK, where witnesses saw planes fly overhead that made no sound. Regarding the association of hauntings and war, paranormal theorists believe that the violence and trauma somehow embeds itself into time and space, Swayne pointed out, while a more natural explanation suggests that the intense emotions observers bring to these sites may contribute to what they perceive.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Dr. Gary Ridenour, John M. Curtis


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